Profile Overview

Harvey Rafferty

Human Male

Character Information


MACO Assault Operator




Harvey Parker Rafferty

8th December 2135

Ares City, Mars


Harvey Parker Rafferty, (call sign: “Spinner”) is M.A.C.O enlisted soldier and is assigned to the unit on board the starship Challenger (NX-03).


Not willing to be seen as messy by anyone, since joining the MACOs, Harvey keeps himself looking smart. The self-discipline he learnt from his training has him keeping every element of his uniform and gear ship-shaped too. His hair is styled into a swept back way, but he normally keeps it short. He has a slim-athletic build and often trains when he has the chance.

Physical Description

  • Height: 5′ 9″ (1.73 m)
  • Weight: 161 Ilbs
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Brown


The death of his parents with a doubt heavily affected Harvey, however his time with his coach and later adoptive father, Steven, has given him some strength. His somewhat overzealous nature has caused him to make various mistakes during his MACO training, however it has never been anything that has caused any issues for him. A neophyte to being a soldier, Harvey on some level idolises Colonel Horayne and sees him as a role model, he even admires and has respect for the colonel, even when he orders him to join Challenger and to leave his posting on Jupiter Station.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Even though he has passed the entrance tests and trials in becoming an enlisted member of the MACOs, many believe that Harvey has completely dealt with the death of his parents. This is something he hasn’t admitted himself, but one form of ‘therapy’ for him is to send regular messages with his adoptive father. Harvey tries his best to socialise with others and can come across as a bit to innocent when he is in certain social situations. His lack of life experience is also a factor to this. Alongside all of this, Harvey’s gifts of being able to fix most things is an asset that can make him popular when something needs mending.


Harvey wishes to push himself through his work and has shared that he would like to become an officer one day.


  • Earth language of English

Hobbies & Interests

  • Swimming
  • Diving
  • Climbing
  • Gymnastics
  • Tinkering with electronics


Political Information

  • Affiliation: Military Assault Command Operations, United Earth Commonwealth


  • Mother: Deborah Rafferty, deceased 2153
  • Father: Hank Rafferty, deceased 2153
  • Adopted Father: Steven Barnes, coach, Ares City Academy  


Early Life

On December 8th, 2135, Harvey was born in the capital Martian settlement of Ares City to parents Deborah and Hank. The two of them had moved to Mars only two years prior to Harvey’s arrival after living in Orlando, Florida for most of their lives. Harvey’s parents were in their late forties when he was born, as both of them had been career-minded in what they did. Deborah was an accomplished architect while Hank was a construction manager. The two had met during a project years before and had gone on to create a number of impressive buildings in the United States, before they were asked to move to Mars to assist with further building developments on the Red Planet.

Harvey had a relatively easy childhood, attending the local schools and making a good group of friends. Enjoying most of his lessons, he excelled in gymnastics, swimming and diving. He went on to win a number of competitions for swimming and diving when he was in his mid-teens. In his last years of his secondary education, Harvey had the opportunity to compete with his friends in a water-polo tournament on Earth. His parents and he had travelled together to the homeworld and while he was in London one evening with his friends, his parents had decided to visit some old friends of theirs in Florida. Unfortunately for Harvey, he would not see his parents again as they were caught in the Xindi attack when they carved a swath of destruction from Florida to Venezuela, killing seven million people. Lost and not having any other family around him, Harvey did not know what to do. Immediately his coach, Steven Barnes who he had developed a close relationship with, took him under his wing. The seventeen-year-old had no other family members who were alive or that he knew of. Deciding that he didn’t want to become depressed over his parents’ death, Harvey asked Barnes if he could move in with him and if he would adopt him before he became an adult at eighteen. Barnes agreed and the two became close over the next few years.

Deciding he wanted to do more with his life besides sporting competitions, Harvey enrolled into college on Mars, still staying with Steven during term time. He took an interest in electronic engineering, something he enjoyed doing while he attended his secondary school (Ares City Academy). Even though his life was not too bad, Harvey still felt like there was a void in his life. Living with Steven was okay, the two of them would share their interests in sports and Steven had even got Harvey keen to join him when he went mountain climbing. At the age of nineteen, Harvey got himself a part-time job working as a waiter at a local diner, one that his father and mother had built and designed. One evening, while it was pretty quiet, he had watched the newsfeed about the recent conflict between Earth and its allies against the Romulans. Sat in the diner was a MACO Colonel, William Horayne, who saw his waiter’s interest in the news. Asking him if he wanted to make a difference, Harvey replied with an acknowledgement. Horayne gave his contact details Harvey and told him to contact him if he was interested. When he got home that night, he discovered that the colonel was the training commanding officer for the MACOs on Jupiter Station. Even though Steven wasn’t keen on him joining the MACOs, he gave Harvey his blessing and helped him pass the entrance exams and tests to join MACO enlisted training.

M.A.C.O. Career

Early Career

Harvey passed the initial physical and psychological tests with flying colours. Colonel Horayne had him posted to Jupiter Station primarily, he mentored the young MACO after he discovered his background story. He had sensed that the young man was lost and needed a purpose, he wanted to show him that the MACOs were more than just Earth’s brute force regiment. They were there to make a difference, to help others.

Harvey took further training in Berlin, Germany and succeeded well in many of the physical elements. Even though he was slightly naïve, his instructors couldn’t help but praise him. His physical fitness made him agile and quick. He achieved well in hand to hand combat training and became quite proficient with his weapon handling too. Returning to Jupiter Station, he undertook his zero-g training as well as to prepare for starship assignment. While on Jupiter Station he was encouraged by Colonel Horayne to finish off his training in electronic engineer which he completed before his twentieth birthday.

Once his training was complete, he was assigned to Jupiter Station as a Private before he was given new orders at the end of October.

Challenger NX-03

With war declared against the Romulans months prior, Harvey had wondered how long until he was assigned to a Starfleet ship. After returning from its mission from Delta IV, Challenger was completely repair and overhauledAs a result of the war it required more MACOs. Harvey was picked to join the unit and was keen to board his first starship assignment.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2154 - 2155 Trainee M.A.C.O. Training
2155 - 2155 M.A.C.O. Soldier Jupiter Station
Private First Class
2155 - 2156 M.A.C.O. Soldier Challenger (NX-03)
Private First Class
2156 - 2157 M.A.C.O. Soldier Challenger (NX-03)
Lance Corporal
2157 - Present M.A.C.O. Soldier Challenger (NX-03)