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Captain Richard Sharpe

Human Male

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Richard Sharpe



Captain Richard Sharpe is 34 years old. He’s 6’4 with dark blonde hair and hazel eyes. There is a small scar above his left eyebrow.
He’s lean and extremely fit. Strong, muscular but not overly so. Has a nice smile.

He is currently the Commanding Officer of Deep Space 14.

He has a 3 year old daughter called Scarlett who is with him.


Richard Sharpe always preferred to be called Sharpe. Only his parents, his wife and a very old friend called him Richard.

For as long as he could remember Sharpe and his brother Carter had always watnted to join Starfleet. Their boyhood games mostly consisted of acting out their Starship adventures in the meadow surrounding the family home.

His brother, Carter, the eldest by a year,  joined Star Fleet first. He was the scientist of the family where as Sharpe was more interested in communications and  had had to wait another year before following his brother.

However he didn’t waste the remaining year. Since he was a young boy he had always followed his father like a shadow. Sharpe was always helping out in his fathers communications firm learning all he could until the time came for him to leave England and join Star Fleet Academy.

Sharpe soon was posted to the same ship as Carter, The USS Sphynx. They counted themselves lucky to be assigned together on the same ship. A year  later a young Lt Sharpe and his comms team were on a routine away mission to a small planetoid. Repairs were needed to an unmanned communications array and it was while they were on the surface that  all contact with the Sphynx was lost.

The ship had just suddenly disappeared leaving no trace and taking Carter Sharpe with it. Sharpe and his team had to survive for four days in extreme temperatures before they could be rescued by another vessel. An investigation was launched straight away but nothing was to be found of the Sphynx.

There was a remembrance service for those who were missing presumed dead. A Star Fleet inquiry failed to find the cause of the ships disappearance so they put it down to some kind of freak accident. Sharpe had his own ideas as to what might have happened but couldn’t prove anything .He flatly refused to ever give up hope that his brother was still alive.

Sharpe then joined the crew of the USS Churchill as a Lieutenant Commander and whilst there he met and married Claire Hope. She soon fell pregnant but the pregnancy was not an easy one and for someone so active as Claire was it proved difficult to accept the orders of total bed rest until the baby was born.

One fateful night when Sharpe was on duty they were suddenly attacked by some unknown entity. What ever it was had been cloaked and shielded some how because nothing had shown up on sensors to indicate what it could be. They were in peaceful space and charting an unknown nebular when the unprovoked attack happened. It was so vicious and volatile that the Captain had called all hands to abandon ship.

Sharpe was forced between his duty to stay and his heavily pregnant wife. The Churchills Captain almost threw him into the casivac shuttle. The sudden shock brought on labour and soon Claire gave birth to a beautiful baby girl they called Scarlett. Unfortunately Claire developed sudden complications and she died soon after giving birth. Sharpe was heartbroken not only had he lost a brother but he had now lost the love of his life, his soul mate, his wife

Sharpe resigned  his commission and decided to bring up his daughter at his family home. Only on clear nights when stars were incredibly bright did Sharpe wonder if he should return.

When the call came from Star Fleet asking Sharpe to return, he was ready. There was only one stipulation, Scarlett would be going with him to Deep Space 14.