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Profile Overview

Xal Ralin

Bolian Male

Character Description

Early Life

Xal was born on the Bolian homeworld to his parents, Ardox and Yalea. From the moment he was born he was his mother’s prince. He would rarely be away from her side and when not at school would often accompany her to work at the hospital.

It was on these trips he developed an interest in medicine. His mother worked on the Paediatric ward and seeing the sick children had a profound effect upon Xal. There was one child in particular that Xal became very close to, a boy named Marr. He had developed a medical condition early in life that meant he required frequent stays in the hospital. The two of them would often play together, running around outside for hours. Occasionally Xal’s mother obtained a private room for Marr and would allow Xal to have a sleepover with him were they would stay up playing and talking until the earlier hours.

As Xal got older, he displayed an aptitude for medicine, and he always got on with all the other patients. Because of this, Xal’s mother, who by this point had been made Head of Paediatrics, would under careful supervision allow Xal to perform some light medical duties.

At age 18 Xal applied for medical school and despite studying hard and achieving good grades, he did not finish in top 5% of his class, leaving him feeling as though he had let his mother down.

After finishing medical school, Xal took up a junior doctor’s position at the hospital. Sadly during this time, his closest friend Marr passed away. His death caused a change in Xal, making him more determined and wanting more from life. He decided he wanted to make a greater impact and decided to apply for Starfleet.

Current Assignment