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Profile Overview

Neva Cordon

Betazoid Female

Character Information


Engineering Officer
Starbase Bravo


Lieutenant Junior Grade


Neva Cordon started out as a newly graduated Engineering Cadet. Starting out on the USS Europa as a Cadet Trainee. She then transferred to the USS Columbia where she became an Ensign. Finding ship life just wasn’t what it used to be, she transferred to Starbase Bravo. She worked hard to become a Lieutenant JG Engineer.


Nevanthi was born an only child to Devon Schell & Ciera Cordon of Betazed. Neva lived aboard ship where they both served & married. Devon was a Communications Officer. Ciera was a nurse in Sickbay.

Neva thought she had a happy family until her parents divorced when she was 10 years old. Fortunately, her parents had an amicable split. Devon retired from Starfleet after the divorce. He enjoyed his retirement in a small town in the North American Continent in what they called Wisconsin until he died at 70 years old.

Her mother, Ciera,on the other hand, lives on Betazed. She works part-time at a local place of worship taking care of the offerings given every week. Her mother tries to set Nevanthi up with partners, only to get the two into endless fights. Still, they love each other dearly.

At 14, she was attacked while on her way home after school. The psychic overload caused Neva to suppress her Betazoid gifts out of self preservation. Even now, her mother tries to help her unlock what Neva suppressed. It hasn’t worked to the point large crowds cause her to have migraines that can last hours or days. As a result, she’s fearful of both doctors & Sickbays for fear of them finding out her shame.

When she was 18, Neva had a relationship with a Half-Human, Half-Betzoid like her named Sam. When the relationship deepened, things went horribly wrong. He opened up himself fully to her, but Neva was again too overwhelmed, screamed, & ran away in shame. She never spoke or saw him again.

At 19, Neva decided to go to Starfleet Academy. Her parents were surprised, but supported her.

In the Academy, Neva went for an Engineering major when the time came to find her choice of specialty. Neva found an aptitude for the way starship worked & ran.It almost came naturally to her.

Neva graduated top of her class. It was a distinction she was ever proud of.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2263 - 2264 Engineering USS Europa
2264 - 2265 Ensign USS Columbia
2400 - Present Engineering Starbase Bravo-4
Lieutenant Junior Grade