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Profile Overview

Tanya Johnson

human Female

Character Information


Lieutenant Commander


Athletic in build with long wavy copper blond hair, She is of medium height and athletic in build.
Always smart in appearance,has several scars to the left side of her face and neck and down her back
has a small dragon tattoo on the back of her neck. Off duty she is seen mostly in dark jeans shirts and old earth converse boots or sweats and a cropped sports top.


Tanya was born on earth to a strict family with strong religious values. Tanya’s mother enrolled her in the rights and rituals of the family religion at an early age. Tanya was to be an only child. When she turned eight she was formally joined in the family religion and was expected to grow in the ways of the family and follow a predetermined path. She went home at her parents’ wishes and pushed to study the sciences of the family religion with a view to working as a practicing teacher of that subject.

Tanya had her own ideas and incurred much wrath from her family. Much to her parents anger Tanya took a year out after her home schooling to travel and learn more about the world and the opportunities open to her. Before returning and defying her parent’s rules and joining Star fleet Academy just weeks before her twentieth birthday. Tanya won 11 trophies at the academy for Dance, Gymnastics and Art.

Tanya found academy life hard as she had been drilled in discipline from an early age and was often bullied by her peer group for being stuffy and to sheltered so she kept her self-locked away from everyone becoming ever so lonely.

Tanya graduated with an honours pass in medicine and began work at Star fleet Medical. Tanya renounced her family religion and followed a life path of her own and soon became very popular.

Tanya eventually joined the USS Omega a medical ship serving to search and rescue often in secret and began to make friends. Tanya enjoyed many happy years on this ship until it was badly damaged in battle and she suffered horrific burns. After medical treatment Tanya went missing. Taking time out to be alone and to become used to who she now was as her appearance had changed somewhat due to her injuries. Soon she was back in San-Francisco with a baby daughter Louise but no husband , just a boyfriend that she had a close relationship with but was not yet ready to marry. Tanya worked on earth as a nurse in a San Francisco hospital for 5 years before returning to Star Fleet after her boyfriend was lost in action and feared dead, retraining as a doctor before joining the USS North Star.

Just minths into her time on North Star she found she was pregnant she kew who the father was but he had been tried and imprisomed for domectic abuse and violent assault so she would never tell him of the baby. As it turned out tanya was carrying twins who were born in sickbay aboard the star.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
- Present Junior doctor Starfleet Medical
- Present Cadet Starfleet Academy
- Present Cadet Starfleet Academy
- Present Cadet Starfleet Academy
- Present Cadet Starfleet Academy
- Present doctor Uss Omega
- Present Medic Sanfransico Hospitals