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Kennedy Ryan Walsh

Human Male

Character Information


Lieutenant Junior Grade


Kennedy Ryan Walsh



Lieutenant Kennedy Connor Ryan Walsh, MD (born March 28 2374, aged 25) is a Medical Officer onboard the Federation Starfleet starship USS Reliant. He was previously assigned to the USS Bonhomme as a Medical Officer. While he was awaiting his assignment onboard the Reliant he served in a temporary capacity on Starbase 23 assisting with public health initiatives with the civilian population.


Lieutenant Kennedy Connor Ryan Walsh was born on March 28, 2374 to parents Dr. Franklin Ryan, a medical doctor and Dr. Margaret Walsh, a psychiatrist at the Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Drogheda, Ireland. He is their third of their four children. The family on both sides are multigeneration in medicine since the late twentieth century.

During, family gatherings, Kennedy enjoyed the stories that his Uncle, Commander Benjamin Walsh shared of his adventures through various postings throughout his career. At age eleven, Kennedy had already made up his mind to follow in his Uncle’s footsteps. His parents encouraged this pursuit, thinking he might outgrow it as the Ryans’ and the Walshs’ have practiced medicine in Ireland for centuries. He never abandoned this dream.

Kennedy wasn’t sure if he wanted to practice medicine like his parents so he decided to enroll in General Studies at Starfleet Academy. He took a mixture of courses in Science, Medicine and Computing. He realized that his love for medicine outweighed and sought a transfer to Starfleet Medical Academy, which he was approved.

Kennedy would finish the five year program in 2397 and be promoted with the rank of Lieutenant JG. He would be placed aboard the USS Bonhomme as a medical officer. During his two year posting onboard the Bonhomme would show potential for leadership growth within his own department after leading a triage team in 2398 after the Bonhommereceived a distress call from a Romulan freighter that was attacked by pirates.

The Bonhomme in 2399 was ordered to return to the fleet yards for its first major refit in over fifteen years a lot of the crew was displaced. He received temporary orders to assist Medical Staff onboard Starbase 23

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2399 - Present Medical Officer USS Reliant
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2399 - 2399 Medical Officer (Temporarily) Starbase 23
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2397 - 2399 Medical Officer USS Bonhomme
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2391 - 2397 Medical Cadet Starfleet Medical Academy
Cadet Sophomore Grade