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Profile Overview

Corbin Dejar

Cardassian Male

Character Information






Corbin Dane Dejar



Typically young Cardassians have more ridges than Dejar, especially at twenty-seven. At the Union Acadamy he would be called a child, or a Lvng’Thioss (an un-“naturalised” Cardassian) for looking to human. A man of average height for a Cardassian, Dejar looks as if he were starved. Dejar, being a Federation officer, knows he has to fit into the uniform – which are much thinner than a Cardassians armor. His eyes are naturally lighter, the faith-full glare often making her look as if he were about to fall asleep.


With a strong background in analytical sciences and engineering, starship and starbase operations, and finally, Cardassian fleet operations – Dejar is the most familiarized person for any command position. He also commands knowledge of the Obsidian Order; a governmental sect. to the Cardassian Union. After serving aboard a warship as the navigations officer, Dejar was discharged for sympathizing with Federation ideals. He does fall short in all medical fields, but makes up for it with his good bedside attitude.

Dejar is a very has many unstable relationships. He feels as tough nobody understands him, or looks at his in the correct light. Throughout the Union Acadamy, he was made fun of due to his half-human mother, and his brother in law’s father; Damar, former leader of the Cardassian Union. Former, as in he lost control in the war against the Alpha, Beta, and Gamma Quadrant, when under the influence of the Jem’Hadar. Despite this Dejar passed the Acadamy with some commendations, but nothing outstanding.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2256 - 2261 Helmsman USS Han'Ghar ~ Freighter
2262 - Present Chief Operations Officer USS Nogura