Commander Derin Ral

Derin has been described as a determined, hardworking person. He is calm and analytical. Like most Betazoids, he has highly honed telepathic and empathic abilities. Derin has a proclivity for concealing his thoughts, while delving into the minds of others


Derin was born on Betazed, the product of his mother’s unfaithful behaviour prior her first marriage. His upbringing was mostly traditional, despite his parentage. Life as a member of the Fifth House of Betazed is privileged. The Fifth House is comprised of nine aristocratic family lines, Ral being a notable one. He and his twin legitimized siblings, Devinona and Reittan, spent a lot of time together at the family’s residence on the sea coast.

Much of Derin’s earliest memories are of the visits to the home on the coast, and of the lessons on controlling his natural Psionic ability.

When still quite young, his mother divorced her husband and married Derin’s father, Kon.

Following his parent’s marriage, Derin began to paint and used this a meditative technique. His work was displayed in the Fifth House residences.

When he was old enough, he applied to the University of Betazed, for Art and Starfleet Academy, with a focus on Intelligence. He notes choosing between the two as the most important and difficult decision he has ever made. He decided to pursue a career in Starfleet, as his Father urged him.

The Academy was an interesting transition for Derin, and not an easy one. He had issues keeping his mind closed to other people’s thoughts, and dropped out during his first year.

He decided to return to Betazed and studied art at he University of Betazed. Once graduated he operated a small atelier where her worked with other local artists. During this time, Derin couldn’t help but feel unfulfilled.

After thinking very long and hard about it, Derin reapplied to Starfleet Academy and resumed his studies in Ta rival and Security focuses.

He graduated thirteenth in his class, and has dedicated his life to serving Starfleet and the Federation. To date, Derin has served on 5 Starships

Service Record

- Present
Intelligence Operator
USS Bradbury
- Present
Junior Intelligence Officer
USS London
Lieutenant Junior Grade
- Present
Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Carpathia
- Present
Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Hartford
- Present
Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Vienna
- Present
Chief Tactical Officer
USS Cairo D
Lieutenant Commander
- Present
Starfleet Liaison and Reliquary Exploration Initiative Lead