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Henry Cowboy McQueen

Human Male

Character Information




Master Chief Petty Officer

Played By

Heelo (ID: )


McQueen is tall, lean and athletic, dark brown hair and blue eyes. He has strongly defined features, not exactly handsome, more like chiseled.

McQueen is a hardworking professional, enjoying his work, career and being in Starfleet. On duty he is steady, reliable and a complete professional. He is a skilled pilot, graded at Instructor Level for small craft. An intuitive pilot, with a sure and deft touch for the controls. He is capable of complex flight maneuvers under the most difficult and hazardous conditions.
He is willing to take risks, but is not reckless, being well aware of his own limits and that of his craft.
Has been known to wear his trademark cowboy boots at all times, a small uniform transgression usually overlooked by his commanders



To continue his Star Fleet career and eventually to retire to a frontier world. Where, in his own words, he will start a horse ranch and get back to some real work!” .

Federation standard;

Father Martin
Mother Jennifer
Sisters Sarah, Louise
Spouse Unmarried
Children Nil


Born in 2363 on Earth, in the small Wyoming town of Riverton, Henry McQueen is the eldest of three children. His father, Martin, a seventh generation cattle Rancher, his mother Jennifer, a civilian Nurse. Both parents had former Starfleet careers, in Flight Control and Medical and met on board ship. But after two years after marrying, and with Henry on the way, they had decided to retire and raise their family in a stable environment, returning to the family ranch when Martin’s father died.

McQueen and his two younger sisters, Sarah and Louise, had a happy and uneventful childhood in small but bustling western town. Time was spent between school and ranch work, all three were proficient horse riders by the time they were eight. Henry took part in junior rodeos during his high school years, winning several trophies.

But always fascinated by their parent’s tales of their Starfleet service, Henry and Sarah both decided to follow their parent’s previous careers. Sarah choosing medicine and Henry choosing Flight Control. His father had a battered old orbital shuttle and had spent several years restoring it as a hobby. Henry had been allowed to assist and had learned to fly it.

His parents hoped he would continue his education and go on to apply for a commission at Starfleet Academy, but the young Henry was anxious to get out and explore the galaxy. The thought of another eight years hard studying was too much, and he opted to join Starfleet as soon as he was old enough.

2381 – Training

After a few anxious weeks waiting for his Starfleet entrance exam results and application to be approved McQueen was on his way to Mars and the Starfleet Technical Services Academy. Opting for a Flight Control career after one year of standard basic training he was transferred to the Flight school to begin his piloting.

McQueen was not overjoyed to be back in a classroom after the excitement of basic training but he worked hard on the navigation and flight theory elements and looked forward to the practical parts of the courses, especially the training cruises on a variety of Shuttles and Runabouts. Training moved on the larger ships, mostly in simulators at first and as fun as it was to fly at high or even trans-warps speeds, he never lost his first love of small craft.

2383 – USS Memphis

With training completed he was assigned to the Nebula Class USS Memphis, a Corps of Engineer’s vessel assigned to emergency response duties. Assigned as a junior helmsman, promotion to full Crewman and Petty Officer III followed in due course and his experience grew as the Memphis responded to disasters ranging from earthquakes to power plant explosions.

2386 – USS Coral Sea

The USS Coral Sea, an Akira Class Carrier, was assigned to patrol duties along the Breen border.
McQueen was back in auxiliary craft as a Search and Rescue Runabout pilot. He flew in support of the carrier’s Starfighter squadrons, picking up downed-fighter pilots. This often involved making pick-ups during on-going skirmishes with Breen warships during border incursions. He rose in rank to Petty Officer II. Also gaining two commendations for bravery along the way.

After two years of patrol the USS Coral Sea was rotated off the border and McQueen stayed with ship for another two years in the Flight Control division, learning to fly the carrier herself.

2390 – USS Shenandoah

In 2390 he transferred to the Galaxy Class USS Shenandoah, as a Petty Officer I support craft pilot and Delta shift helmsman.

In 2391 the Shenandoah was taken out of service for a minor refit and McQueen was temporarily reassigned to Starbase 18 and the 234th Logistic Support Squadron where he flew a range of transport craft for six months.

Back on board after the refit McQueen continued his flight duties, when the ship’s commander was promoted to Commodore McQueen became the Flag Officers Runabout pilot.

2393 – 17th SAR Medi-Vac Squadron

In 2393 he volunteered for a planetary Search and Rescue squadron. This involved a one year training course for SAR paramedic, carried out at the SF Medical facility at Starbase 167, followed by a transfer to Kenshaw V.

Kenshaw V was a newly developed colony and although the planet was stable and rich in resources unusual radiation in the upper atmosphere prevented the use of Transports and so all travel took place via auxiliary craft.

Promoted to Chief Petty Officer McQueen was senior crew chief for a flight of four Runabouts, belonging to 17th Search and Rescue Medi-Vac Squadron.

2397 – Starfleet Technical Services Academy Flight school

Promoted to Master Chief Petty Officer McQueen was rotated back to Mars for a stint as a small craft Flight Instructor at the Starfleet Technical Services Academy Flight school.

Teaching was all well and good, but he found he missed the challenges and excitement of operational flying and requested a transfer back to the fleet.
Due to his skill at small craft McQueen was selected as the pilot for Hazard team support craft. Three months training was followed by an assignment to a Border patrol ship.

2399 – USS Altai

Assigned as Master Chief Petty Officer, Hazard Team pilot & Junior Helmsman.

Service Record
2381 – 2383 SF Enlisted Academy & Flight school: Crewman Recruit:
2383 – 2386 USS Memphis Crewman and Petty Officer III: Junior Helmsman
2386 – 2390 USS Coral Sea Petty Officer II: SAR Pilot & Junior Helmsman
2390 – 2393 USS ShenandoahPetty Officer I: Junior Helmsman & Commodore’s Pilot
2393 – 2394 Starbase 167 Senior Petty Officer: SF Medical – Paramedic Training;
2394 – 2397 17th SAR Squadron Kenshaw V; Chief Petty Officer; Crew Chief SAR Pilot
2397 – 2399 SF Enlisted Academy & Flight school: Master Chief Petty Officer; Flight Instructor
2399 – USS Altai Master Chief Petty Officer, Hazard team pilot & Helmsman