Alex Ryan

Master Sergeant Alex Ryan most recently served as the Combat & Surveillance Technologies Team Leader, with the secondary duty of Chief of the Boat, onboard the USS Bellona. His background is primarily covert operations as well as intelligence and counter-intelligence. He was originally assigned as the TACOPS Delta Team Leader, but requested the transfer to Surveillance. After his assignment to the Bellona was completed, he was assigned to a new field intelligence unit stationed onboard the USS Ajax.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
2388Combat & Surveillance Technologies Team LeaderUSS Bellona
23852388Infiltration SpecialistSpragus Colony
23822385Marine LiasonStarfleet Intelligence
23812381StudentStarfleet Academy, Advanced NCO Course
23792381Reconnaissance Squad Leader4th Force Reconnaissance Company
23772379Infiltration SpecialistUSS Viper
23762377Infiltration SpecialistUSS Viper
23742376Counter Intelligence SpecialistCounter Intelligence Section, Starfleet Intelligence
23722374Counter Intelligence SpecialistCounter Intelligence Section, Starfleet Intelligence
23712372TraineeAdvanced Intelligence Training
23702371Reconnaisance InfantrymanB Co, 1st Batt. 2nd Marine Division
23692370RecruitSOI East, Camp Geiger
23692369RecruitMCRD Parris Island