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Profile Overview

Koto Kengori

Human Male

Character Information






Age: 22
Nationality: Caucasian/Japanese
Date of Birth: 4542
Place of Birth: unknown

Physical Attributes:
Eye colour: Grey
Hair colour: Black
Height: 5ft7
Weight: 137
He’s a bit paler than most and doesn’t look too tough but he’s quick and clever. He has a traumatic past, which causes violent outbursts but he keeps it in check. However military forces abusing their power, he won’t stand for that and the same for any scumbag really. He has a tactical mind. He also can be silly as he never got to be a kid when he was young.

He likes to stare at the clouds or stars as it calms him. He likes talking to himself and discussing mental illness and the voices that he hears. Also breaking and fixing things.


Koto Kengori | Risa Project Community Forum

He graduated from Marisa Academy in the year 4562 and avoided joining the military as he well, hated it. He made a few friends there, such as Shana and Sakura but he lost contact with them after leaving. Afterwards he worked for scrap companies scrounging through rubble, this lasted maybe two months. Not exactly a job for someone from Marisa. He eventually decided he should enlist in the very thing he hated as he was qualified, as so to change it from the inside or tear it down to rubble on his way to the grave. He passed his way through Starfleet Academy in four years but was assigned to technical roles rather than anything directly in combat due to his uncontrollable aggressive outbursts.He rarely speaks of his past but he was raised by an old man after his city and family were destroyed. Prior to the old man he was a prisoner of a crazy person, the old man saved him. He doesn’t remember them but he remembers the soldiers and the burning. He still knows the old man whom is out there working on a ship, one day he’ll go back to the old boy.Now he has recently been stationed on the DFS Lavie as the Chief of Security. One step closer but still far from making any difference but it was better than nothing.