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Profile Overview

Greg Jackson

Human Male

Character Information




Greg keeps in shape with a combination of different exercises from hiking, to martial arts, to standard Marine training. While not as bulky as a heavy weight lifter he keeps in good shape and is more then capable of holding his own in physical contests. He keeps his brown hair short, and the corner of his eyes have started to show signs of strain.


Greg has been a Marine since enlisting at the age of 18 straight out of High School on Earth. He has served in a variety of combat roles before being chosen to attend Officer Candidate School and receiving a commission rank at the age of 25. After receiving his commission he was assigned to the 7th Planetary Assault Regiment and given command an infantry platoon. He served with the 7th for four years, before being transferred to the newly reformed 19th Assault Regiment where he was given a heavy weapons platoon before moving up to become company XO to a line unit. He served with 19th four years, before a year long stint at Marine Corp Basic Training on Earth overseeing a training unit. After his time with the training unit he was notified that instead of returning to a line unit he was being assigned to the USS Amandora and taking the XO of her embarked Marines for a tour as a Fleet Marine.