Captain Jonathan Roebuck

When Roebuck gives his word, he means it, and will do everything in his power to keep that promise. A quiet man. Methodical in his thinking and actions, he doesn’t make a move without considering the outcome, good or bad.


Personal History Jonathan Roebuck is the oldest of three children of Jack and Renee Roebuck. His brother Kennith is a Commander in Starfleet while his sister Emily is a botanist living in Florida on Earth.

Jonathan Roebuck is not married and has no children.

Service Record Jonathan David Roebuck was born in California on Earth. He entered Starfleet Academy in 2269, graduating tenth in his class in 2273.

Roebuck’s first assignment was aboard the USS Saratoga, a Miranda class ship, as a Security Officer with the rank of Ensign. He would transfer to the USS Wasp, a Constitution class ship, two years later and service as Assistant Chief of Security. While a part of a Landing Party in 2276 a member of the Wasp’s crew was accused of murder. Even though local authorities on Altair ruled the crew-member was guilty, Roebuck investigated the crime on his own and proved his shipmate’s innocence. From then on, Roebuck was considered to be one of the top investigators in Starfleet.

Promoted to Lieutenant in 2277, Roebuck was reassigned to Starbase 12 as a Security Investigations Officer. However Jonathan never really enjoined the position and requested to be transferred back aboard a starship. After service six months, Roebuck was transferred to the USS Bozeman as Chief of Security. During mission near the Klingon border in mid 2378, the Bozeman encountered an unknown vessel a drift. Captain Bateson led a Landing Party over to discover the ship was manned by a crew of Klingons that had escaped from a prison ship en route to Rura’Penthe. While protecting Captain Bateson and other Officer, Roebuck was stabbed by two Klingons with their d’k tagh’s. After being treated aboard the Bozeman, Roebuck was transferred to Starbase 12. A few weeks later, when Roebuck was released from Sick Bay at Starbase 12, the Bozeman had been reported missing.

After his medial release, Roebuck was assigned to the USS Reliant, holding the position of Chief of Security. In 2283, Roebuck was promoted to Lieutenant Commander by Captain Terrell.

In 2284, Roebuck transferred to the USS Greenville as Executive Officer. However, the stay would be short lived. Later in the year, the Greenville was recalled to Earth’s Spacedock for a complete systems overhaul.

In early 2285, Roebuck transferred to the USS Yorktown, NCC-1717, as Executive Officer. A position he’d hold until the ship was damaged by the alien whale probe in 2287.

When the USS Yorktown was docked for repairs, and renaming to USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A, Roebuck remained aboard during the ship’s overhaul and trials. He mainly worked with the ship’s weapons and defensive systems, as well as security systems and personnel.

Following the Enterprise-A’s commissioning in late 2287, Roebuck was promoted to Commander and assigned to the newly commissioned Constellation class USS Hathaway as Executive Officer.

In 2292, Roebuck was picked to be the new Commanding Officer of the USS Greenville. He was glad to be back aboard, as many of the ship’s Senior Staff were still aboard from his tour as the ship’s XO eight years before.

In 2294, USS Pegasus NCC-1702 is docked for a complete systems overhaul. By 2295 Commander Roebuck was handpicked to be the ship’s new Commanding Officer by the Pegasus’s previous CO, Rear Admiral Walter Norman Bremer, and he was promoted to Captain.