Lieutenant Trevan Ventor

Height: 5' 9" weight: 120 lbs Age: 31 Physical Description: Ventor has light blue skin and white hair that has receded past the roots of his antennae. Father: Morland Mother: Salrain Brother: Gar Sisters: Haval Varleen Personality Ventor is a easy going person who is not easily flustered. Ventor is task oriented meaning he will not stop until the work is done. While this is often a strength it is also just as often a weakness. At one time Ventor had hoped to command a ship of his own but as his eye sight continues to fail he is rethinking what his future should be. Ventor is an avid reader and has shelf of physical books from across the Federation. He is also know to have a respectable selection of alcoholic beverages in his quarters.


Ventor was born in 2358 and due to his father’s Aenar heritage Ventor was born blind but without the telepathic abilities of the Aenar. In 2360 he underwent medical treatment that allowed him to see.

Ventor was raised in the home that his mother had inherited from her father. Along with the home came three ice caves where the Aenar ferns are grown. The ferns where named after the Aenar due to the ferns pale blue color. The seeds of the ferns are harvested and then used to make Andorian ale. As a small child he would help his mother harvest the fern seeds and as his siblings grew old enough to help with the harvest he moved to the family brew-house where he learned the art of brewing ale. Ventor was always interested in machines and how they work and would often take apart equipment that was not working just to see if he could fix it, eventually he managed to learn how to put the stuff he took apart back together again.

In 2374 at the age of 16 he entered Starfleet Academy specialization in engineering. It was during this time that the first noticed that his hair was starting to recede. In 2378 he graduated from the Academy as an Ensign and was posted to the USS Denver

Service Record
2378: graduated from the Academy with the rank of Ensign and was posted to the USS Denver, a Galaxy Class ship as the propulsion specialist. While on the Denver he first noticed that his vision was starting failing.

2380: Posted to the USS Archer, an Akira Class ship as an Engineering Officer.

2381: Revived a promotion to Lieutenant jg.

2382: Underwent surgery to repair damage to both optic nerves. this did not stop the degeneration but did return his vision to what it was during his days at the Academy.

2385: Posted to the USS Barlow, a Luna Class ship as the Assistant Chief Engineering Officer this came with a promotion to full Lieutenant.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Propulsion SpecialistUSS Denver / Galaxy Class
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Engineering OfficerUSS Archer / Akira class
Assistant Engineering OfficerUSS Barlow / Luna Class