Commander Rids Arlinar


As a young child, Rids grew up listening to the great explorers of the Elaysian people. Those willing to take the risk and leave their homeworld for a life beyond the stars. Reading the logs, stories, and adventures of Elaysian’s like Melora Pazlar and others shaped his life from a young age. Listening to the stories of Starfleet and Federation, Rids set his sights on a future beyond his homeworld. While his parents attempted on many occasions to convince their young son not to leave, their words fell on deaf ears. The more his parents pushed the more the young Elaysian dreamt of a life beyond their world. Traveling the stars was the only future the young Elaysian could imagine.

Even from a young age, Rids was a child with a tender heart. Never one to lift a hand in anger at another, Rids tried hard to make friends with everyone who crossed his path. He took it as a personal challenge when he met that stubborn few who didn’t like his cheerful disposition. When Rids was of the proper age, he applied to and was eventually accepted into the Federation. The young child left his homeworld, uncertain of the future but determined to make it work. Like those heroes he read about at a young age, he knew that if he also worked hard he could make a career in Starfleet.

Wunderlust aside, Rids was in for a true dose of reality in his freshman year at the Academy. Life wasn’t as easy as he had dreamt it to be and the physical limitations on his body at times proved to be almost overwhelming. Scholastically, Rids excelled at his students. He was properly with his fellow Cadets and maintained an active social life. However, his Elaysian physiology made it almost impossible to keep up with his fellow cadets. Rids tried on several occasions to make use of the external skeleton support devices provided by the Academy but found the devices to be too awkward and limiting. Rids still owns a skeleton support device for when needed but prefers to use an anti-grav mobile wheelchair. While the chair limits his mobile to an extent, he finds it easier to deal with then clunking around a ship in the skeletal support devices.

Rids graduated in his class near the middle of the pack, something he still feels a slight disappointment in. Never one to use his physical limitations as an excuse, Rids does feel that his Elaysian biology did prevent him from accomplishing more in his Academy time. Much to his disappointment Rids found his first assignment aboard the Regula Class, Starbase 12. For a child who had dreamt of life amongst the stars, he found this posting to be a letdown. However determined to make the best of his, Rids found himself assigned as the station’s Morale Officer.

Four years later, and a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade, Rids finally found himself stationed on the Sovereign Class, USS Tennessee as the Third Shift Counselor. Ship life was everything he thought it would be. The Tennessee found itself assigned to the edge of Romulan space and frontline combat was exactly what the young Counselor enjoyed. The Tennessee provided the young Officer with a taste of life beyond a planet or a ship and he found himself wanting more; more species, more planets, and more new experiences.

2395 saw a promotion and a transfer back to a station. While Rids knew that station life wasn’t for him, he also knew that the experience would be invaluable in his career. Using the time on Starbase 24 wisely, Rids continued to learn, continued to grow, and continued to push himself. He was intent on, that despite his limitations, his next posting would be on a ship and as the Chief of his Department. He would it was a momentous goal, but he determined.

Rids saw that goal come to life as he was accepted for the Chief Counselor position on the newly built USS Charleston, an Elysion Class starship station assigned to patrol the Cardassian/Federation border.
Service Record2384-2385 Freshman Cadet
2385-2386 Sophomore Cadet
2386-2387 Junior Cadet
2387-2388 Senior Cadet
2388-2392: Assigned Starbase 12, Morale Officer, Ensign
2391: Promoted to Lieutenant JG
2392-2395: USS Tennessee, Counselor
2395-2399: Starbase 24, Assistant Chief Counselor
2399: USS Charleston: Lieutenant: Chief Counselor