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Profile Overview

Sharl Ra'ito

Antican Male

Character Information






Hight: 5’9″
Weight: 125 lbs
Eye color: Green
Hair color: White
Physical Description: Sharl has dark brown skin he has the extend cranium of his species and head ridges. Sharl has white fur that covers the majority of his body except for the head and face. Like many of his species he keeps his eyebrows long so that the fur extends to the jaw line and blinds into the beard. General overview:
Father: Jarlan Ra’ito
Mother: Parla Ra’ito
Brothers: Bvar Ra’ito, GamlaRa’ito
Sisters: Varal-Brata
Other Family: Carbar-B’ra’ta , Cama-B’ra’ta, Gingm-B’ra’ta
General overview:
Off duty Sharl is a easy going person. On duty he is focused on the job before him.
Strengths & Weaknesses:
Sharl is a hard worker who dislikes leaving a job uncompleted.


Sharl was born in 2362 in the small seaside town of Largran. His parents ran a small resort located on the beach. Sharl spent in youth playing on the golden sands and swimming in the deep blue waters of the Tarlin sea. In the evenings Sharl would often wander down to the town center were musicians would often gather to play music. There met Tarl Op’Ba’Fin who would end up teaching him to play the rallan flute.

The resort has several small sailboats that at one time had been available for the use of the resort guest but his father had discontinued the service due to maintenance costs of the old boats. Sharl managed to persuade his father to let him fix one up and once he had made the thing sea worthe he even managed to teach himself to sail. Sharl had hoped that he could convince his father to startup the boat rentals again but he failed to convince him.

Two weeks after his twelfth birthday Sharl’s father announced that it was time for him to get a job. His father further announced that Sharl was to report to the nearby marina the next morning for his first day on the job. Sharl was understandably surprised but soon found that His father would not hear any objections. So in this way Sharl found himself employed as a general laborer at the marinea tasked with assiting Brata G’Ha’ta with maintaining the boats docked at the marina. He kept this job for two years until the marina owner was found to be a front for a Ferengi weapons merchant who was using the marina as a credit washing operation. The owner was sent to a penal colony and the marina came under new management who let the old staff go and brought in a new staff.

Newly unemployed at the age of fourteen he found himself working at his parents resort. It was during this time that Sharl meet a group of starfleet officers who were on shore leave. They were staying at the resort and would tell Sharl stories of where they had been and what they and done there. Many of their stories centered around the groups experiences in the recently ended Dominion War.

This led to Sharl taking an interest in joining Starfleet and after a talk with his parents about his new plans Sharl applied to the Academy and in 2377 he traveled to the city of Sardakar where he took the entrance exam and passed on his first try. A year later he boarded a transport to Earth to star the next stage of his life.

In 2378 Sharl entered Starfleet Academy specializing in engineering specifically in subspace mechanics. While he did well in his engineering studies he also fond himself doing well in science courses especially those dealing with astronomy.
In 2379 during his second year in the Academy he meet Dalana and Andorian female who was also in her second year and was studying Xenobiology. A romantic relationship formed between the two that lasted for the remainder of their time at the academy.

In 2381 Sharl was assigned to the USS Dastrom (NCC-42268), a curry class vessel, for a training cruise. During this cruise Sharl was assigned to the warp systems team and pent his duty shifts in main engineering monitoring the ships old warp core. Due to the age of the core Sharl had to constantly make manual adjustments to the matter and antimatter injectors to ensure the core remained within safe operating parameters.

In 2382 Sharl graduated from the Academy with the rank of Ensign. He was assigned to the USS Sirius (NCC-65528), New Orleans Class vessel, as Damage Control specialist. At this time Dalana was assigned to Starbase 515. The two kept up a long distance  relationship but in 2384 the relationship was broken off by Dalana when she became involved with a catain who operated a restaurant on the grounds of the Starbase.

In 2385 the USS Sirius was at the San Francisco Shipyards for resupply prior to bio survey of the Mordan System during the synth attack on Mars. After the attack the ship was pulled into search and rescue operations on Mars. Once the search and rescue operations were completed the Sirius completed resupply and traveled to starbase 11 to take on mission specific equipment and crew before continuing on to the FGC-1145 system were the Sirius crew cataloged the unique life forms living in the upper atmosphere of the Gas Giant FGC-1135-G.

In 2387 Sharl was Assigned to the USS Pompey (NCC-57315), Springfield Class vessel, as an Engineering Officer. In that same year the Pompey was patrolling along the Federation/Gorn boarder when they received a distress call from the USS Hunter, a vessel that had been reported missing almost a year ago. They were able to find the Hunter crashed on a planet in the Yallaor System. Sharl took part in the away team that was beamed down to the surface to aid in rescuing the survivors of the crash.
In 2379 Sharl was promoted to Lt. jg. with this promotion Sharl was made the duty engineer for beta shift. For the most of his time as the duty engineer of beta shift was an easy posting with the time made up of routine maintenance.

In 2390 while transferring a science team for Starbase 214 to research outpost 117 for routine staffing transfer the Pomey suffered an Imbalance in the warp core that lead to loss of control of the matter/antimatter reaction that required the ship to jettison the warp core. The ship was towed back to to starbase 214.

in 2391 Sharl was assigned to the USS Leeds (NCC-70352), a nebula class vessel, as the Assistant Chief Engineer. The Leeds was assigned to conduct maintenance and repairs of Subspace comm arrays throughout Federation space.

In 2395 Sharl was part of an away team conducting repairs to Relay Station 109 . His team was conducting repairs to the transceiver module when the station was rocked by an explosion. There had been an accident and the fusion reactor had exploded killing the repair team, that had been lead by the Chief Engineer, that had been working in that area. After the accident Sharl was tasked with leading the investigation to find how it had happened. A week after the accident Sharl was promoted to Chief Engineer.

In 2399 Sharl was transferred to the USS Seattle (NCC-82788), a Rhode Island class vessel, as the Chief Engineer. At this time he was promoted to full lieutenant.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2382 - 2387 Damage Control Specialist USS Sirius (NCC-65528), New Orleans Class
2387 - 2391 Engineering Officer the USS Pompey (NCC-57315), Springfield Class
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2391 - 2399 Chief Engineer USS Leeds (NCC-70352), a nebula class