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Yuka Layton

Human Female

Character Information




Yuka Layton



Yuka is from the 21st century and due to a certain series of events ended up in the 46th century. After her brush with extreme culture shock from ending up this far in to the future she seems to think the future is out to get her. Her family was killed in a fire that also caused partial blindness; ITC’s Medical Division replaced her eye but PTSD and depression symptoms are still a problem for her. She is dedicated to teaching RINZ about humanity. She was selected by Trinity and the Federations Executive Office to be the first fully trained Commanding Officer at her age. She was trained as a Delta Force Officer at Memorial Center’s Training Facilities and her flight training was completed at Earth Spacedock.

Yuka’s full bio is on the TNU wiki or the Lavie forums.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
4566 - 4566 Cadet Memorial Center DFCTO Training Facilities
4566 - 4566 Field Agent DFCTO Assault Team 5
4566 - 4566 Mech Pilot; RINZ-00 FSS Trident
4566 - 4566 Lead Mech Pilot DFS Lavie
4566 - 4566 Command Trainee DFS Lavie
4566 - 4566 Command Academy DS741
4566 - 4566 Commanding Officer DFS Lavie
4566 - Present Commanding Officer Trinity SOU