Profile Overview

Keung Lee

Human Male

Character Description

Keung Lee is a unique human being. He was actually born in the late 20th Century!! Through a space accident ended up in the 24th Century. After graduation from University of Birmingham in England, Earth. Keung Lee qualified as a History teacher and taught in London at a tough comprehensive school. During his time in university, Lee joined the Territorial Army as a private infantryman. After five years, Lee resigned his teaching position and enlisted full time in the British army. He rapidly rose through the ranks and it was as a Captain, he applied to join the famed SAS. He was accepted and over a number of years saw action with the SAS in such places as Northern Ireland ‘bandit’ country, the Gulf Wars, Afghanistan and Iran. He was seconded to an elite counter-terrorist unit codenamed ‘Sentinel’ which was specially formed to engaged in a number of behind the line operations in the Eugenics Wars

His life dramatically changed one day when he and four others were the first to set aboard a captured secret experimental version of a “seeder ship” used by the augments to escape, when they lost the Eugenics Wars. The intention was to use the former seeders ship as a rapid response vehicle to enable the Sentinel team to get to crisis spots more quickly.

Unknown to the occupants of the vehicle, a Starfleet science vessel staffed by Vulcans had been observing the effects of the Eugenics Wars on Earth.. They were at that point leaving to return to their own time when the Seeder ship accidentally got caught up in the slip stream of the time vortex that was operated by the Vulcans. The vehicle travelled through time with the Vulcans. The Seeder ship wasn’t built to travel through time and by the time, both ships materialised in the 24th Century, it broke up and disintegrated. The Vulcans realising what was happening managed to beam aboard the only survivor. That was Keung Lee. Lee suffered from some form of temporary amnesia and taken to Earth where he was hospitalised as a result of injuries sustained. As he gradually recovered from his physical injuries, his own memories slowly returned and to his shock, discovered he was now living in the 24th Century.

This was followed by periods of depression and he was eventually admitted to a mental health institution as Lee was unable to adapt to the changes in the 24th Century.

Upon discovery of who Lee was, Starfleet decided to take charge of the situation and assigned a case worker from the Department of Temporal Investigation of the Federation Science Council to help Lee to rehabilitate and to assimilate into 24th Century society. Eventually Lee was discharged as being mentally and physically fit. However Lee realised that he was still like a fish out of water and wondered what he could actually do. Be a history teacher or become a military man!! The decision was really made for him by Starfleet where he was encouraged to continue to use his military skills. As a result he joined the Starfleet Academy on an accelerated 2 year security officer training program instead of the usual four year program. In view of his previous experience, he went through an accelerated 2-year security officer training program.

Character Summary

Keung Lee is an British oriental 40 year old human male who is of medium build, 5ft 8 and weighs 100 lbs. His hair is cropped short speckled with grey and his eyes are black. Unmarried. Unassigned to a ship at present although he holds the rank of Lt as a security officer. Keung actually comes from the 20th Century where he was a former history teacher and an sergeant in the British army where he served with the SAS. Posted on board a space craft found himself in space but an accident sent him into the future. he enlisted at the Starfleet Academy on an accelerated 2 year security officer training program. Graduated as a Lt in the Security division. Awaiting assignment.