Profile Overview

Hessonite Forster

Human Nonbinary

Character Description

Hessonite “Hess” Forster was born on Earth’s moon in 2364. They spent most of their young life reading, sometimes writing, and, most of all, watching the skies for the next time they could catch a glimpse of the many magnificent ships in Earth Spacedock. They were comfortable where they were, so even after they turned 18, they remained until the next year on the Moon, until they decided what they wanted to do with their life.

In 2384, Hess moved a short hop away, from the Moon to Earth, as they attended Starfleet Academy to train in piloting. In their Junior year, they were recognized as being an excellent pilot, and so were brought onboard the USS Jericho for a cadet cruise – primarily because Starfleet needed more officers aboard ships to commence evacuation of the Romulans. They served aboard that ship for most of their Junior year, until First Contact Day 2385 came. When Starfleet pulled out of evacuation efforts, Hess returned to the Academy to complete their schooling.

Starfleet still considered Hess to be a gifted pilot by then, and so when they were promoted to Ensign, they were assigned to a Defiant-class ship called the USS Colossus. They remained onboard for five years, through their promotion from Ensign to Lieutenant. Then they were offered another promotion, but they would have to move aboard another ship to take it.

The USS Surveyor was a comfortable ship to stay aboard – so comfortable, in fact, that Hess absolutely did not want to give up their position at helm. They remained aboard the ship for eight years, doing what they could to avoid a promotion, knowing that a promotion to Commander meant that there wouldn’t be many opportunities to be at the helm in their future. But, finally, in 2399, the promotion to Commander was given to them, and they were moved from the Surveyor to the USS Avenger, serving as its executive officer.

Character Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2399 - Present Executive Officer USS Avenger
2391 - 2399 Helmsman USS Surveyor
Lieutenant Commander
2386 - 2391 Helmsman USS Colossus
2385 - 2386 Cadet Starfleet Academy
Cadet Senior Grade
2384 - 2385 Helmsman USS Jericho
Cadet Senior Grade

Character Summary

Born in a domed city on Earth's moon, Hessonite "Hess" Forster grew up alongside a lot of adults and not a lot of people their own age. When they couldn't find someone to spend time with, they drowned themselves in comedy and sky watching - and they were particularly interested in the ships they could see in Spacedock. They stayed on the moon for a a year after they came of age, then moved to Earth to become a Cadet at Starfleet Academy. They spent years at the helm of ships, until being transferred to the USS Avenger to serve as its Executive Officer.

Current Assignment