Profile Overview

Justin Anderson

Human Male

Character Description

Justin was born on Starbase 39-Sierra while his father was serving there as a Lieutenant. His mother a civilian doctor. Spending the first two years of his life there he moved with his family to the USS Merrywall.

Onboard he didn’t stand out but was always interested in technology and starships.

When he was five years old his father again transferred, this time to the Proxima Maintenance yards. His mother died just after his twelfth birthday from a disease she contracted while on a new distant colony. This greatly effected his family, however Justin and his twin sister took it better, their mother having been away once they began schooling, often having already spent most of their time with their Father, it also cemented his desire to serve in starfleet, wanting to make a difference.

His father transferred again to Starbase 247 where he remained until he was 15, it was during this time he took up a casual apprenticeship with the stations engineering personnel.

His final years before he gained entrance to Starfleet academy were spent on Trill after his father remarried, his half brother was also born during this time, gaining an understanding of Trill society he still didn’t feel at home on a planet having been raised on ships and starbases.

Finishing his schooling he was accepted into Starfleet enlisted training program after deciding he didn’t want to go through the four years at the academy.

Character Summary

Of average to fit build with mid brown spiky hair Justin is pretty much an average human male in most ways, something he kind of likes. He keeps fit by rock climbing and playing sports primarily hockey though he also has an interest in Paresi squares. Usually found in his uniform his out of uniform styles are notably 22nd century esc, functional cargo pants and plain shirts.

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