Lieutenant Damien Saunders

Mr. Saunders has extensive Federation Academy knowledge-based education and experience in languages, training, and technical abilities. The core specifics of sub space field dynamics, performance, emergency operations, etc., were all covered. Having served numerous assignments, Damien developed communication and people skills, analytical problem solving, and planning skills. Mr. Saunders has a critical set of qualities. He is dependable, flexible, hard-working, expressive, formal, punctual. Damien can be impatient. He believes in teamwork, and that teamwork should flow smoothly, this should be steadfast and efficient. He will not tolerate delays. Sometimes he can let his emotions show such as anger, annoyance, or anxiety over a situation. However, this is rare for Damien.

Service Record

- Present
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
USS Amandora
Lieutenant Junior Grade