Ensign Eyb Rierre

Standing at 5'4" or 1.62 meters, Eyb is not an imposing figure. Small and pretty, to Human eyes he is quite androgynous. Eyb is a member of the species native to Angel I, a planet where the biological sexes' are reversed in character: Eyb has been told his entire life to be innocuous and demure and to keep a fine household for the women in his life. He is a second-class citizen on his homeworld in a culture that, though advanced, has never given suffrage or rights to males. Eyb wanted more than to raise children and cook. He has wanderlust- as many males on Angel One do but don't express it- and stole away on a freighter for Proxima Colony when he was sixteen. He soon found himself in the heart of the Federation, immersed in a world with open possibilities.


Angel One’s culture has been described in a variety of terms, drawing parallels to aspects of Ferengi and Classical Greek culture, but inverted. Sexism as the Federation understands it is accepted and commonplace on Angel One- the sexes are not equal. Women rule, women vote and women define societal norms and career paths for their males. Males are assumed to be less intelligent and less aggressive than women (though acknowledged to be eye-pleasing, graceful and creative). Males are tied to their High Houses and released only on the Mistress’ decree (or the decree of her superior).

Males are placed into service castes to help channel their strengths and weaknesses, though a great deal of it is based on their domestic skills and physical aesthetics. The most beautiful and graceful are allowed more freedom of expression in their roles as entertainers and hosts but most of the rest are consigned to various duties throughout the home and the planet’s commerce. Angel One’s High Houses use betrothal and dowry to trade sons for powerful alliances and family unions; their males have little say in the matter. Adult males living in the High Houses must follow the contracted rules or suffer exile. Common clauses include remaining nude while within the home (males may wear clothes in public or government spaces), bathing daily to prevent odor, remaining celibate and speaking only when directed to do so.

Angel One is a very conservative culture at its heart, choosing order over personal liberties. Notions are democracy, while not unknown because of contact with the Federation. But they are not Angel One’s cultural perspectives. Angel One is an Oligarchy ruled by the Council of the High Houses. The Elected One is the highest-ranking woman among these house heads, acting as a sort of Consul or “Optimus Princeps” (first among equals). The Council serves as Executive, Legislative and Judiciary branches all in one- there is no attempt to separate or balance power beyond a cabinet of advisors.

Though Angel One is a conservative Gynarchy where males have no power or rights, they are not slaves or prisoners and are expected to be treated well. The Angel One system is prejudiced but not cruel to its citizens, despite its penchant for execution for most high crimes. The High Houses rule fairly and with benevolence in mind and as a result they expect their people to adhere to it’s laws and traditions.

Eyb’n Rierre, Fey Dyør Acolyte


Eyb (pronounced like “Abe”) is of the Tjenyr caste on Angel One: the caste of male household servants to the High Houses. He was a vassal and servant in the High House of Rierre for most of his childhood and adolescence. His Mistress, Svajonne of the High House of Rierre, is a Partisan Elector (politician) and Mistress of Education for the district of Graesoje, a marine subtropical city-state.

Eyb was born into the High House of Rierre, a child of a house concubine and one of Svajonne’s retainers. Angel One has unusual family dynamics in that his birth mother played little role in his life. Eyb, as a male child, was raised communally by the men in Svajonne’s harem. To Eyb’s mind, he has a birth father and many “uncles” and “cousins” that he may or may not be related to. As Tjenyr, Eyb’s life was one of comparative comfort, if extremely dull. His life was a regimented routine of tasks, very much a “downstairs” existence. Most of Eyb’s duties as a young child were cleaning up and changing the linens of the High House’s servants. He spent a lot of his off-time and break time listening to music and learning an instrument, as well as hemming and doing basic fabric repairs.






Service Record

2399 - 2399
Flight Control Officer
USS Medusa, Manticore-class Starship
2398 - 2399
Flight Control Officer
USS Reliant, Reliant-class Starship
2397 - 2398
Senior Cadet
Jupiter Station, Jupiter
Cadet Senior Grade
2396 - 2397
Junior Cadet
Starfleet Academy: San Francisco, Earth
Cadet Junior Grade
2395 - 2396
Sophomore Cadet
Starfleet Academy: San Francisco, Earth
Cadet Sophomore Grade
2394 - 2395
Freshman Cadet
Starfleet Academy: San Francisco, Earth
Cadet Freshman Grade