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Profile Overview

Jim Thatcher

Human Male

Character Information




Lieutenant Junior Grade


Jim is a kindhearted, gentle soul. Wanting to learn as much as possible about warp drives, warp fields and anything in the field of warp dynamics, he often has chosen assignments that will allow him to get his hands on cutting edge technology.


Jim was raised by two mothers, his biological mother Irina Thatcher and her wife, Justine. Together, they taught Jim the importance of expanding one’s mind and very early on, he seemed fascinated with propulsion systems, always trying to tinker with engines and modifying his parents’ vehicle whenever he was left unsupervised.

When he came of age, James was accepted to Starfleet Academy and flourished under their science program. His instructors noted that while he was easily distracted and would be off task during his assignments, when properly applied he was able to solve the necessary equations for warp fields and determine proper warp velocities with little trouble.

Graduation from Starfleet Academy brought Ensign Thatcher closer to realizing his dreams that he ever thought possible. He had originally sought to graduate at the top of his class at the academy, however his struggles with history and xenobiology on his records were a constant reminder to him that nobody is perfect. There are several personal logs from the at the time Cadet Thatcher that note some difficulties with some professors on a personal level, but Starfleet dismissed those reports as “the complaints of a frustrated Cadet”. Thatcher was assigned to a research team testing impulse engines which was not his first desired assignment, but he hoped one day to find a posting that had the capacity to let his mind flourish.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2391 - 2395 Junior Research Scientist Lunar Base - Earth's Moon
2395 - Present Research Scientist Lunar Base - Earth's Moon
Lieutenant Junior Grade