Lieutenant Junior Grade Roland Hill

Height: 5'-10" Weight: 220 Lb Hair Color: brown Eye Color: Blue Physical Description: Roland is an average looking human. His most distinguishing physical feature are his blue eyes that others swear change from darker to lighter shades of blue depending on his moods. Father Harry Mother Mary General Overview: Roland is a friendly person up to a point as he tends to keep people at arms length. While happy to socialize with the crew during his shift or while in common areas of the ship. He is not in the habit of spending time alone with anyone unless it is in the line of duty he has never invited anyone into his quarters. Hobbies & Interests: He is an avid reader of engineering journals, he has even written a few articles himself. He also enjoys the art of hand blending and brewing tea


Personal History:

Roland grew up in the earth city of Houston. His parents run a small coffee shop and it was there that the person Roland is to day was born. His love of engineering and design was born from manning the shop’s equipment. His decision to join Starfleet came from listening to the Starfleet officers who came into the shop. It was in his parents shop that he learned the art of hand blending tea.

Starfleet History:

Joined Starfleet Academy in 2365 and was a student of the Academy’s school of engineering.
Upon graduating in 2369 he was assigned to the USS Exeter and the impulse systems specialist The ship was assigned to routine mapping and exploration missions until the start of the Dominion war in 2373. In 2374 the Exeter was heavily damaged in the battle of Tyra, the ship was deemed salvageable but would be out of service for a extended stay in dry dock.
Roland was then assigned to the USS Hood for the remainder of the war taking part in the final assault on Cardassia Prime. After the end of the war the Hood spent three months in dry dock for refit and resupply before being assigned to patrol duties between federation controlled space and the Breen Confederacy.
In 2381 was assigned to the USS Yosemite as an engineering officer and promoted to lieutenant jg. Upon reporting for duty to the commanding officer of the Yosenite he was offered the position of assistant chief engineer.  During his time on the Yosemite  the ship was assigned to study several prewarp species.

In 2387 Roland was assigned to the USS Akagi as Assistant Chief Engineer and later took over as Chief Engineer.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Impulse Systems SpecialistUSS Exeter / Ambassador Class
Warp Systems SpecialistUSS Hood / Excelsior Class
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Engineering OfficerUSS Yosemite / Oberth Class
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Chief EngineerUSS Akagi / Sovereign Class