Rear Admiral Arjaal Taam


The Taam Symbiont has lived 691 years and shared in the lives of fourteen (technically fifteen, though one did not take) separate Hosts. Taam’s Hosts have died “unnaturally” three times. The Taam Symbiont was placed into their first host in the Earth Year 1708. That is a long life, made up of many lifetimes. It is not technically a record- the record belongs to the Gard Symbiont, who has supposedly lived through “dozens” possibly “hundreds” of Hosts. Gard is the sole exception because of their role of protector in Trill society.

Taam is considered old by the Symbiosis Commission and after the ninth or tenth Host, a Symbiont becomes increasingly difficult to find a good Host-Match for. The weight of past personalities and memories becomes almost too much, and the “Symbiont Fog” becomes a problem. Fluctuations in the production of isoboromine is also an issue. The Commission places no lifespan limit on Symbionts though only a rarefied few have ever sought to break the 800-year mark. Thus, after fourteen lifetimes, Taam would like Arjaal to be their final Host. Taam wants to die naturally with this body.