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Profile Overview

Gregory Joseph Richardson

Human Male

Character Description

The only child of parents Matilda Benoit (née) and Martin Richardson, Gregory, was born on Earth in 2136 and raised in the north woods of Maine, near the Moosehead Lake region. where Matilda and Martin were employed with the department of inland fisheries and wildlife as a veterinary pathologist and ecologist, respectively.

From an early age, Gregory joined Matilda and Martin on their expeditions, learning about nature in a practical way. It was during these excursions that Gregory developed a genuine fondness for exploration and discovery while learning to appreciate the natural order of things.

Although proficient in other subjects, Gregory excelled in the sciences, especially biology. His grades were of such a caliber as to warrant an invitation to attend accelerated courses through the University of New England, where he studied human anatomy and physiology, psychology, and microbiology.

Graduating from secondary school, Gregory enlisted in the United Earth’s Starfleet. Upon enlistment, Gregory reported to Huntsville, Alabama to spend eight weeks in recruit training, more commonly known as basic training, for the indoctrination and instruction given to new Starfleet enlisted personnel. Gregory enjoyed basic training for its prosaic nature, leaning into its rigid structure and thriving in the training environments’ strict adherence to order and regiment while appreciating its intense physical demands.

After the advancement ceremonies from recruit training, Gregory reported to Fort Sam Houston, Texas to attend “A” school for the next 14 weeks to train as a medical corpsman. Here, Gregory learned the basic principles and techniques of patient care and first aid procedures in advance of his first assignment. Additionally, Gregory learned how to perform emergency medical and dental treatment, serve as an operating room technician for general and specialized surgery, administer a wide range of preventive care and medications, and maintain patient treatment records, conduct research, and clinical tests.

At the conclusion of “A” school, Gregory advanced to the rank of Crewman and was assigned to Starfleet’s NX class starship, Atlantis, to serve as a member of the ship’s medical department.

NX-05 Atlantis, 2155 – Present
Medical Corpsman, Crewman

“A” School in Fort Sam Houston, Texas, 2155 to 2155
Specialist Training, Crewman Apprentice

Recruit Training in Huntsville, Alabama, 2155 to 2155
Boot Camp, Crewman Recruit

Current Assignment