Profile Overview

Luke Eduardo Snyder

Human Male

Character Description

When Luke was born, his mother Lily Walsh did not know whether his father was her then-spouse Damian Grimaldi or her lover Holden Snyder. Although Damian proved to be the father, the two men struggled over possession of the boy for years, causing him to become an alcoholic, before Holden – who had married Lily some years earlier – adopted Luke. Following his adoption, Luke began getting sick.

A year passed with Luke continuing to heavily drink behind his family’s back, during this time he was admitted to the local medical center to find out what was wrong. It turned out due to the heavy drinking Luke’s kidney began to shutdown. A desperate Luke came out to his best friend Noah before, on Noah’s advice, revealing his secret to his family. While a pregnant Lily couldn’t accept her eldest son’s sexual orientation causing him to go into full kidney failure, the rest of his family supports him.

Luke is rushed to the hospital and placed in a medical coma to slow his bodies decay down. An artificial kidney was constructed and surgically placed into Luke.

Shortly after his surprise reappearance in their lives, Luke’s birth father Damian tries to covertly send Luke to a gender re-alignment camp. When Lily realizes the nature of the camp, she tries to reassure Luke that she will accept him but thinking her the sole responsible party he lashes out angrily at her for her betrayal, and Luke takes shelter from his mother with Damian. He grows closer to Damian especially when Damian claims to be dying…but it all falls apart when he later discovers the truth of his father’s health. He severs ties with his birth father, changing his name, and enlists in Starfleet.

Luke studied Security and engineering in the academy for the two years he was there. After his two years at the academy, he bounced around postings as a security crewman, operations quartermaster, or general engineer. His last posting was onboard the USS Sharpe where his department head then Lieutenant Noah Mayer drove him to strike the lieutenant and leave the fleet. Luke jumped at an open ticket onboard a freighter heading away from the Sharpe. The freighter heading for the beta quadrant.

After months onboard the freighter and assisting the crew in their duties the ship was stopped by a rogue slaver ship, Luke was taken captive by the slaver crew and was being forced to perform embarrassing acts for the crew. The slaver ship was intercepted and captured by a Union patrol ship. Luke was rescued by the crew and taken to Alpha Zeconis where he was introduced to the Prime Minister.

Once his identity was confirmed with the Federation Luke was once again released but allowed to stay on the planet where he began working as an assistant to the Ministry.

Character Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
- Present General Cadet - Security-Engineering Starfleet Academy
Cadet Freshman Grade
- Present General Studies - Command Cadet Starfleet Academy
Cadet Sophomore Grade
- Present Security Specialist Starbase 30
Crewman Apprentice
- Present Security Specialist Outpost 7
- Present Damage Control Specialist USS Jersey
- Present Transporter Specialist USS Castle
- Present General Engineer USS Sharpe
Petty Officer 3rd Class

Character Summary

Luke's past is fairly simple, he enlisted in Starfleet as a general specialist, he was forced out by a Starfleet officer. Luke wanted a fresh start and left for the beta quadrant only to be made into a slave and then rescued by Union patrol ships, He found purpose with his rescuers and worked in there ministry as a way of thanking them. Now he is the Minister of commerce and he wants to help others the way he was helped.

Current Assignment