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Profile Overview


Bolian Male

Character Description

Born on Bolarus IX, the fifth of seven children.

Entered Starfleet Academy at the age of nineteen.

Entire family is killed when the Dominion attack Bolarus IX in 2374

Entered Starfleet Academy – 2353

Graduated Starfleet Academy – 2357

First assignment, USS Rome, Operations Officer (Ensign) – 2357

Promoted to Lieutenant JG – 2360

Assigned to the USS Raleigh – 2362

Assigned to the USS New York – 2364

Assigned to the USS Saratoga, Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant – 2366

After the loss of the USS Saratoga to the Borg at Worf 359 in 2367, Rann takes six months of R&R.

Assigned to the USS Jin – 2368

Assigned to Starbase 74 – 2371

Assigned to the USS Mars – 2374

Assigned to Bolarus IX in 2376 after the Dominion War to help the people of his planet recover from the war. Transfers from the Operations to Intelligent Department.

Promoted to Lieutenant Commander – 2377

Assigned to Starbase 99 as an Intelligence Officer 2382

Assigned to Starbase 400 as an Intelligence Officer – 2391

Transferred to Hawkeye Island as Chief Intelligence Officer – 2396

Character Summary

A smart man, very good with numbers and statistics. Very bitter, his entire family was killed during the Dominion war when the Dominion attacked Bolarus IX. These traits and events led him to change Operations to Intelligence after the Dominion War hoping to help other people from loosing their families and going through that he has.

Current Assignment