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Profile Overview

Riventin Th'rialnal

Andorian Male

Character Information






Prefers the shortened name “Riv” when addressed by anyone other than fellow Andorians. A Starfleet man, through and through. A patriotic Federation citizen, Riv is confident and satisfied in his Starfleet career path. Lives by the mantra that duty comes first, and is the type to gladly lay down his life for his fellow crew mates. He is an accomplished forensic investigator.


Knowing he wanted to be in Starfleet at a young age, Riv took an interest Starfleet related extracurricular during primary schooling, and his acceptance to Starfleet Academy was a shoe-in. He got married at 24 years old, and had his first child at 26. In his Starfleet training, Riv took a strong interest in forensic investigations, and decided that would be his career path. Serving in security departments on various postings, he gradually rose through the ranks to become a lieutenant.