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Profile Overview

Daniel Ryci

Human/Betazoid male

Character Information






Danny is a young man of thirty and doesn’t look his age due to his youthful baby face. Having a baby face is a big disappointment to him because people tend to view and treat him like a child instead of an equal. He has blonde hair and the deepest hazel green eyes that stand out in any room; he has a small scar under his left eye due to an away-team simulation during his second year at the academy. He tends to look upon the scar as a means of distinction among his peers. His ears are another one his trade marks because they tend to stick out a tad bit. This of which earned him the name E.T. during his early childhood, and he was happy when it was over. Danny is 70 inches and has an athletic build. He enjoys physical fitness and love to keep in shape.


Danny Lee Ryci was born on Earth, near the shores of the Gulf of Mexico on June 27, 2355 to the proud parents of Clifton and Cheri Ryci. Danny’s father Cliff was a Chief Petty Officer for Starfleet who studied plate tectonics and retired in Texas in 2355.

Cliff met his wife Cheri, a half human and betazoid, shortly after his retirement. Cheri was an oceanographer and love to explore all types of marine life. It has been said, when Cheri first met Cliff, she knew he was her one an only Imzadi. They met during a spring festival at Lake Corpus Christi and married there on October 24, 2355. Danny was born a little over a year latter. During a marine excursion on May 2, 2362, Cliff and Cheri were killed in a marine-pod accident due to an uneventful shift in plates causing the pods structural integrity to collapse.

Danny was an orphan at the age of five and was sent to live with his only living relatives in Hawaii. His grandmother Pat, his father�s mother, and her sister Cookie resided on Earth in Honolulu, Hawaii.  In September 2363, his grandmother enrolled him in a Christian school. This was no easy experience for Danny because some of the children treated him like an outcast. Vee, his teacher, took him under her wing during those troublesome years. During his education there, he excelled in all science classes, debate and theater. Dan had appeared in many school plays but never got the parts that he tried out for due to his young features. It wasn�t until his senior year at the Christian school when he decided to pursue a career in Starfleet.

He thought a career in Starfleet would be a noble thing to do because his father did it and enjoyed his time in the service. On June 5, 2374, Dan applied for Starfleet Academy and was accepted. He majored in starship operations , and minored in philosophy and psychology . He also took courses in basic leadership and basic hand to hand combat. During his second year at the academy, he and a few of his classmates were participating in a holodeck away team simulation. This simulation was to test the under classmen in basic diplomacy but had a twist scenario. It instead was the basic structure for security and combat skills. Dan received a minor scar while in engaged in a hand-to-hand combat with a Ferengi holding a dagger during this simulation. The instructor was rather impressed with Danny�s abilities and thought that he would further benefit in changing his major to security versus his aspirations in being a operations officer .

Despite his teachers better judgement, he continued to further education in operations in the hopes of one day being a great engineer. Danny graduated the second in his medical classes during the spring of 2378;he then went to Betazed to do some extra studies at the University of Philosophical Mannerism at El-Nar for six months. He did this to because he thought it would be a good to further enhance his minor degree in philosophy. He was assigned to the USS Crockett during the year 2378 and remained there for a little over a year. He served there as a engineer�s assistant and he was more than ambitious in becoming more proficient than his peers.

Danny was recognized as a good right hand man to the CEO this of which earned him the promotion to Assistant Operations Officer. During his journey on the USS Crockett, he met Commander Rabb. Then, in 2379, Danny put in for a TDY (temporary duty assignment) to the USS Barcelona as the Chief Operations Officer, and it was approved at the discretion of the commanding officer, Commander Rabb. Commander Rabb approved his temporary transfer because he knew the strong sense of duty and integrity that Ensign Ryci demonstrates. Moreover, he was in need of a good officer that could have his full confidence in doing a good job until a permanent Ops Officer could be assigned. By accepting this assignment, Danny was promoted to Lt (jg). Danny remained on the Barcelona for two years until it was decommissioned in 2382.

He didn�t move on to the USS Fearless as most of the crew did. He instead to an assignment at Starfleet Research Lab for a few months before being assigned the USS Endurance. Danny served onboard the USS Endurance as Chief Engineer under the command of Lt Commander Darke and he was later promoted to the executive officer position less than a year later. Then, three years later, Danny was transfered to the USS Arondight as their first officer. he was transferred to sb 611 as the federation ambassador in 2389 Starfleet Reassigned daniel to the USS Columbus As the Chief Operations Officer With the the rank of Lieutenant .

In 2398 starfleet reassigned Daniel to the USS Dumbarton as the new Chief Ops Officer with the rank of lieutenant under Captain James Arnhem 

Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Calif.: 2374-2378

Maj. Starship Operations Min. Psychology/Philosophy
Rank: Student
University of Psychology, El Nar, Betazed: 2378
Advanced Studies (6 months)
Rank: Ensign
USS Crockett NCC (unknown) 2378-2379
Duty Title: Assist. Operations Officer
Rank: Ensign
USS Barcelona NCC 37681 CO: Commander Jason Rabb 2380-2382
Duty Title: Chief Operations Officer
Rank: Lt. (j.g.) 2380-current
Starfleet Research Institute, San Fransisco, Calif. 2382 (6 months)
Duty Title: Research Technician/Liaison
Rank: Lt. (j.g.)
USS Endurance NCC 73705 CO: Lt Commander Darke 2382
Duty Title: Chief Engineer
Rank: Lt.
USS Endurance NCC 73705 CO: Lt Commander Pursey 2383-2386
Duty Title: Executive Officer
Rank: LCDR
USS Arondight NCC 72687 CO: Lt Commander Pursey 2383-2386
Duty Title: Executive Officer
Rank: LCDR

Sb 611
Duty title:Federation ambassador

USS Columbus

Duty title:Chief Operations Officer
Rank:Lieutenant Commander

USS Dumbarton

Duty title:Chief  Operations Officer


Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2379 - 2387 Deep Space 12 Chief diplomatic Officer
2387 - 2398 U.S.S Columbus Chief Operations Officer
2398 - Present U.S.S. Dumbarton Chief Operations Officer