Profile Overview

Jesse Miro'

Human/Daliwakan Female

Character Description

Born on Denobula to a Terran father and a Daliwakan mother, Jesse was raised in various locations as her father moved around to his numerous venues as a civilian Ambassador, representing the educational interests of Earth throughout the Quadrant. Her mother remained on Denobula most of the time, where she enjoyed a fruitful healing practice. Sometimes the children went with him; other times, they remained on Denobula with their mother.


Jesse’s mother was a Naturopathic Physician, focusing her healing skills on a path of wholistic prevention and the initial use of natural healing modalities, prior to introducing standard allopathic medical treatment. Jesse takes her mother’s wisdom very seriously and follows a very “health conscious” lifestyle.


Seven years ago, her mother and oldest brother were involved in a rare transporter accident. Neither mother nor son survived. Jesse adored her mother and the loss brought both grief and hope into her life. She and her brothers spent the next 7 years after their mother’s death in psychotherapy. She learned how to use the therapy, how to do the work, and how effective it was when the counselee did the work. Jesse became focused upon blending the lessons learned from her mother and her therapy into her own career as a psychotherapist in deep space.


Hard work and some logistical manipulation by her well-positioned father, gave Jesse the opportunity to return to Earth, enter Starfleet with high honors from her Denobulan educational system. She has excelled in everything related to her emphasis in Academy, with the exception of astrophysics, an elective which she has put off until her senior year. As a result, she comes to the elite Starbase 38 Academy Annex with confidence in her chosen skills and a great deal of fear that an elective will destroy her dreams. It is an almost irrational fear of the class.

Character Summary

Jesse is a Senior Cadet at Starbase 38's Academy Annex. She's a bright young woman who has dreams of becoming a psychotherapist specializing in deep space counseling. She is the daughter of a civilian diplomat and a holistic physician. Seven years ago, she suffered the loss of her mother and older brother in a rare transporter accident. Having spent 7 years in therapy herself, she is aware of how to do the work and knows how well it works with talented guidance. She hopes to provide the guidance to others.

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