Commander Finchley Kerr

Commander Finchley Kerr is currently the Executive Officer of the USS Dumbarton. His Starfleet career has been served in Security and Starfleet Intelligence, with particular distinction shown in hand to hand combat, weaponry usage and military tactics.


Born into a loving family, but one where secrecy was just a part of life, Finchley’s youth was not one of ‘foot loose and fancy free’ living because of his fathers position in the Intelligence community.

From a very early age, he was instructed by his parents that nothing was going to be handed to him on a silver platter, nor had he been born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he would have to study and work hard for everything he required, thus providing a hard work ethic Finchley has maintained to this day.

He did have the best schooling and the best tuition, there was no denying that, and it was ascertained that his skills were definitely suited to physical and practical attributes and subject studying took slightly more work. He was a bright pupil, no denying it, and he didn’t slack in his pursuit of study work he took, history being a particular interest of his.

As time went on, his home studying duties became more and more regimented as he began his training in what he saw as his goal that would one day see him take over the head of Starfleet Intelligence when his father retired or passed away. Finchley found the sessions fascinating, and more than once he had deep and meaningful talks with his father, though he never enquired into what his father duties were.

His father saw that Starfleet Intelligence, where he himself served, was definitely what Finchley should do, his temperament was just right. They both sat down one day, along withy his mother and discussed what exactly it was he felt he’d like to do. Unsurprisingly Finchley spoke of wanting to enter Starfleet and become an Intelligence Officer just like his father had done before him. It didn’t matter where he served, so long as that was the career path he began on.

His studies complete, and exams taken and graded, Finchley was delighted that he could apply to Starfleet to join their Academy and train to become a Starfleet Security Officer, the first step in being able to get noticed by the Intelligence department.

The four years he spent there were fraught at times, as a number of Cadets couldn’t take the fact that Finchley was so competitive and he was mercilessly ribbed at times, on more than one occasion, that his quick quips putting them down caused friction and he ended up in a fight. However, he did win as many fights as he got a ‘doing over’ in, and in the end it endeared him to his fellow Cadets and they accepted him as one of their own.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Security OfficerUSS Frannery
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Security OfficerUSS Frannery
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Starfleet IntelligenceClassified
Security OfficerUSS Baxter
Lieutenant Commander
Starfleet IntelligenceClassified
Executive OfficerUSS Dumbarton