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Angela Samuels

Human Female

Character Information




Angela Makena Samuels



Angela is an intelligent, determined, and focused young woman. She sees the goal of a Starfleet commission ahead of her and thinks of any deviations from that dream a distraction. Although naturally gifted with machines and technical understanding, it’s a commission in the security/tactical field she seeks. Angela has witnessed and experienced some hardships in her life that have made her want to be the shield that protects others, but in turn isn’t the best at dropping her own defenses when it comes to connecting with others.


Angela’s mothers met shortly after they both left the Academy and were serving on the Reliant together. They fell in love, and after something of a whirlwind romance they were married. Like any marriage, they had their ups and downs, but theirs is a happy relationship. Five years later, they decided to have children. Since both women were stationed together at the time they decided to get pregnant at the same time, using artificial insemination to do so. While both women’s first priority was to have a healthy, happy child, they also wanted that child to be bright with a lot of potential.

For the donor, they selected Michael Hall, a friend of Marice’s who, like her, was a rising star, but in his case for Starfleet Intelligence.

There were long stretches where the family was not altogether, Angela was sometimes with her mom Jennifer, and other times she was with her mother Marcie. Sometimes her brother was with her, sometimes not. On a handful of times over the years, they were all together until the last few years, when both women were assigned to Starfleet Headquarters.

Angela came out as transgender when she was 12. One evening, she explained to Jennifer in a tear-streaked, sobbing fit that there had been a mistake, that she was really a girl. After comforting her child, Jennifer called Marcie on subspace and they discussed their options. A week later the doctor aboard Jennifer’s ship provided Angela with a testosterone suppressant and they gave her the freedom to start exploring her identity, to make a decision about whether to take transitioning further once she was older. Although she tried on several names over the years, Angela is the one that stuck.

Unfortunately, children are be slow to accept change and Angela’s early years were plagued by misunderstanding, bullying, and occasional bouts of violence. Instead of discouraging Angela, these events only made her stronger and more determined to protect herself and others from threats, learning how to avoid fights and fight back when necessary.

At first the newfound attention from her mothers was a joy. There was so much they had to teach her, so much catching up to do now that they realized they had a daughter instead of a son. But as she grew older, her relationship with them grew more complicated. She still loves them, but resents their nosiness, particularly questions that get far too personal about her transition or her nonexistent lovelife.

Always nervous about the limelight, Angela’s parents’ tendency to flaunt her and her brother’s accomplishments wore her down. She’s glad to be away from them, even if they require a subspace call once a week.

At age fifteen Angela complemented the Standards of Care and her transition. We’ll leave the details of that for her medical files. Suffice it to say, she’s much happier now.

Her relationship with her brother, Jonathan, has traveled a complicated road. As children they were close to one another and for every common trait they were very different. When Angela first came out there was an awkward adjustment period as Jonathan kept forgetting to use the proper name or pronouns, which frustrated the overly sensitive girl. Those years drove a wedge between them that has slowly loosened over the last few years. Now they are one another’s confidants, looking out for one another and running personal thoughts and views past one another when in need of advice.

A straight A student who took on more advanced coursework, especially in the maths and sciences, when Angela set her sights on joining Starfleet, she passed the entrance exams with flying colors. While they had never pushed her to join Starfleet, Marcie and Jennifer were thrilled to have both of their children follow in their footsteps. Her family had hoped she’d pursue a specialty in Engineering, but she has her sights and heart set on tactical and security operations. She wants to be able to do more than putter around the engine room of a starship; she wants to explore and protect, to serve, and tactical lets her do all of that while still putting her technical skills to the test.