Lieutenant Commander Elaria

Elaria is an accomplished scientist. Contrary to most of the members of her species, she tends to be distant and aloof, preferring numbers to feelings. She is highly intelligent and is quick to remind people of that fact if she's challenged or countermanded.


Early History (2365-2383)

Born on Delta IV in one of the largest and most cosmopolitan cities in the Federation, Elaria was the daughter of the celebrated composer Urania and her husband, Tyth. Unlike most Deltans, though, Elaria’s focus was never on the arts or culture; she looked up at the stars and wondered about them. Even as a small child, she knew that her destiny lay beyond Delta IV. In school, she excelled in mathematics and science, doing sufficiently well that she was considered for the Vulcan Science Academy, though she did not find the thought of living on a desert planet populated by emotionless beings to be appealing. Instead, she applied for admittance to the local branch of Starfleet Academy.

Starfleet Academy, Delta IV (2383-2387)

While Delta IV’s branch of Starfleet Academy had renowned counseling, medical, and diplomatic programs, Elaria quickly became the star of the astrophysics program. While life in Starfleet was more regimented and disciplined than she was used to, this cultural adjustment was made easier by the fact that she was interacting almost exclusively with other Deltans. She developed a reputation as someone who was not only a fast learner but also haughty and aloof. She recognized her talents and was keen to exercise them whenever she could, often at the expense of making friends. One or two instructors noted that she might have been better off at the Vulcan Science Academy after all, but that did not deter her.

As a junior, Elaria spent a semester at the Earth campus to participate in certain starship orientation exercises that Delta IV didn’t offer and that was an eye-opening experience. For someone who had rarely left her own world (for a lack of opportunity less than a lack of interest), meeting members of dozens of different species all living together was confusing: it was hard to know what cultural standard to apply when everyone had a different frame of reference, so she found herself leaning more on her empathic abilities than she ever had at home.

Starfleet Science, Delta IV (2387-2390)

Elaria’s first posting out of the academy was as a researcher attached to Delta IV’s branch of Starfleet Science, as it was felt that she would benefit from additional ground side training and experience before being posted to a starship, as her theoretical grounding was off the charts, but her practical grounding in starship systems was merely adequate. She spent three years working under the supervision of more senior scientists developing new probes for astrometric surveys, as well as spending a significant amount of time on runabouts performing routine stellar surveys near Delta IV.

USS Dhei-Lta (2390-2394)

After satisfactory service at Starfleet Science, now-Lieutenant Elaria was assigned to one of the small number of vessels in Starfleet service with all-Deltan crews, the Dhei-Lta, an Intrepid-class ship assigned on a long-distance exploratory mission to the Gamma Quadrant. As Head of Space Sciences, she put her expertise at work to help the crew optimize their route through the Gamma Quadrant. She enjoyed shipboard service immensely, as she was finally realizing her dream of being out among the stars on a daily basis.

USS Ganymede (2394-2399)

Following her four year mission on the Ganymede, Elaria was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and became the Chief Science Officer aboard the USS Ganymede, a Luna-class starship with a majority multi-species crew that was assigned to the Gradin Belt in the Delta Quadrant on a five-year mission.  This assignment proved to be challenging, as the Delta Quadrant was significantly more difficult to work in, and being a telepath, her presence had to often be concealed from the Devore.

USS Apollo (2399-Present)

As a last-minute change, Elaria was posted to the USS Apollo before it set off for the other end of the Delta Quadrant, given her decade of experience working on long-range starships. She wasn’t entirely pleased to be put on such a small ship, but she was ready for the challenge.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Cadet Freshman Grade
Student OfficerStarfleet Academy - Delta IV
Cadet Sophomore Grade
Student OfficerStarfleet Academy - Delta IV
Cadet Junior Grade
Student OfficerStarfleet Academy - Delta IV
Cadet Senior Grade
Student OfficerStarfleet Academy - Delta IV
Astrophysics SpecialistStarfleet Science, Delta IV
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Astrophysics SpecialistStarfleet Science, Delta IV
Head of Space SciencesUSS Dhei-Lta (NCC-82118)
Lieutenant Commander
Chief Science OfficerUSS Ganymede (NCC-80107)
Lieutenant Commander
Chief Science OfficerUSS Apollo (NCC-82789)