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Profile Overview

Jar'Ho of the House TriMar

Klingon Male

Character Information


just in case I find a Klingon sim to my liking




Jar’Ho grew up like every other Klingon. He trained to be a warrior. The problem was that he was good at fixing things. When something broke, Jar’Ho could usually figure out how to put it back together.


Jar’Ho was a son of Ri’Ash of the House of TriMar.  He grew up training to be a warrior, but his skill at repairing broken items was his undoing.  During his time on board the B’Moth, Jar’Ho’s aptitude for fixing things earned him a seat at the Klingon Engineering School.  When Jar’Ho’s oldest brother, J’Rax, took command of the ToQmIn he brought Jar’Ho over to be his chief engineer. Jar’Ho continued in that role until he was offered the opportunity to work as an engineer on the Roark Nor space station.