Profile Overview

Bryan Angelus Cash

Terran Male

Character Description

Personal History A Starfleet brat, Bryan was born to Admiral Bryan Cash and Bettina Davies-Cash. Bryan grew up on a multitude of Starbases and ships.

Initially idealizing his father, eventually young Bryan grew to resent his famous parent and at the urging of his mother spent a great deal of time on Earth in the desert southwest with her family.

It was there that Bryan gained a love of the west and horses and an unusual ancient west way of speaking. A run in with local law enforcement led Bryan to having to choose between time in a rehab colony or enrolling in Starfleet Academy.

He chose the Aademy.
Service Record 2377-Starfleet Academy
2381: Assigned USS Halliwell conn officer
2384: Assigned to USS Montana as Second officer
2387: Assigned to USS Frontier as XO
2389: Promoted assigned new USS Venture Star

Character Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2381 - 2383 Conn officer USS Halliwell
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2384 - 2386 Second XO USS Montana
2387 - 2389 Executive Officer USS Frontier
Lieutenant Commander

Character Summary

Commanding officer of the third starship to bear the name USS Venture Star. Born in the 2360's aboard the starship Horizon to then Admiral Bryan Cash and Bettina Davies. Personality & Traits His strengths lie in his engineering and piloting skills. Often called cocky and brash in his youth Bryan has matured into a seasoned starship commander.

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