Lieutenant Leland Hawksley

Hawksley is an Engineer with a passion for performing his best on the job. Off the job, lately, Leland has had some anger issues, Having had assaulted a fellow officer for having leud behavior with his girlfriend. Unfazed by a looming trial, Leland moves onward. He focuses on his hockey game on the holodeck, in games with Captain Yulin of the Atlantis. They talk about lots of things interesting and the stupid. Leland finds that Yulin has turned to be a valuable friend, and looks up to him. Efforts to court were minimal as Leland hopelessly fell in Love with fellow crew member Petty Officer 1st Class Amelia Wilde. Things have a way of working out a Rubix cube when emotional extortion entered Leland’s lowly Chief Engineering life. How will he handle this? You were cheated once, fine, cheated twice, a fool. Cheated three times and one wants out, what will Hawksley do? Life onboard the Atlantis has been a bounty of great friends, coworkers, conversations, sights and races to be seen. Lieutenant Leland Hawksley Chief Engineer, USS Atlantis