Lieutenant Junior Grade Juliet St. Clair (M)

An Imperial Intelligence Officer by training and infiltration Specialist par excellence, Juliet St. Clair spent years undercover infiltrating various criminal organizations, all to wear down the strength of the Empire's enemies. She is currently the Chief Intelligence Officer aboard the ISS Yamato.


Juliet Emma St. Clair was born in 2332 to Roger and Katherine St. Clair, a factory supervisor and a history professor, respectively. She is the middle child, with one older brother and one younger sister. The family was very close and generally happy. They lived in Birmingham, on the island of Great Britain.

By age 12, young Juliet knew already that she wanted to join the Star Navy, but wasn’t certain how best she could serve. She was poor in science and engineering, but had excellent interpersonal skills. She joined the Junior Loyalty Training program, an accelerated education for those seeking to serve the Empire.

On her fifteenth birthday, she noticed something strange at her party. Her older brother Will’s friend Richard was acting distant and strange. He had been friendly with the entire family for years, but today wasn’t acting like it. Juliet decided to look into it. She observed Richard for days, but found only that he was indeed acting differently than usual. Needing more information, she decided to openly flirt with him, telling him that she’d actually had a crush on him for years. He asked her out and she became an important part in his life. Her presence on his arm became more and more typical. And so it was only logical that one night she joined him at a meeting of local youth dissidents, who planned numerous acts of vandalism and sedition. She reported Richard and his friends to Imperial authorities, and they were promptly arrested. The Chief Investigator, a middle-aged woman named Evelyn Porter, encouraged young Juliet to pursue intelligence as her career path in the Navy.

At age 16, Juliet entered the Terran Star Navy Academy’s School of Imperial Intelligence. She was a dedicated student who did well in courses on starship operations but absolutely excelled in Intelligence training. She learned all about gathering information, analyzing it, condensing it into reports for consumption by decision-makers, and coming up with well-informed opinions on the quality of Intelligence reports. She became an expert analyst and after graduation was posted to the ISS Banshee, a Nebula-class ship with a robust signals intelligence apparatus.

A few years later, Juliet returned to Earth for a course on Advanced Infiltration. Here she discovered her true calling. Reminded of her time with Richard, lying to him and with him in the name of the Empire, she learned the art of undercover tradecraft. At the end of the course, she spent six months deep undercover on Bajor, posing as a farmer’s daughter who was trying to open new markets for her father’s goods, some of which were illicit. She successfully identified the leader of an underground drug market on the occupied world.

Juliet was surprised to find that the officer responsible for arresting the drug market leader was none other than Evelyn Porter, now Captain of the ISS Punisher, which regularly patrolled the Bajoran sector. The Captain recognized Juliet and offered her a position in her Intelligence Department, along with a promotion to Lieutenant jg. Under Captain Porter, Juliet and her team gathered significant intelligence for the Empire. She infiltrated gangs on Bajor’s moon. She foiled a bombing plot at a conference on Rigel V. She honeytrapped a local official on more than one planet into becoming intel sources.

In 2361, Captain Porter selected Juliet for a deep undercover mission on Farius Prime, a world that was so corrupt that the Empire could do little to impose order. The Orion Syndicate held most practical power. Under the alias Jane Sinclair, a young woman orphaned when the Empire executed her parents for sedition, she slowly infiltrated a local gang and worked her way into the inner circle of the Orion Syndicate. The Orions supported their armies well; she reveled in pleasures of the flesh and gained significant personal wealth over the span of two and a half years, collecting trophies, weapons, and a small vault of latinum. In late 2363, Juliet finally made contact with the leader of Farius Prime’s Orion Syndicate branch, a large Orion man named Narhal. The night they met, she seduced him, murdered him, and secured his personal database, containing the names of all Syndicate officials on Farius Prime. Using his access codes, she gathered the entirety of the Syndicate into one place and notified her handlers. The ISS Punisher arrived just in time to virtually wipe out the Syndicate from Farius.

For her work, Juliet was brought back to Earth, where she met the Emperor’s right-hand woman, Proconsul Victoria Fairfax. The Proconsul awarded her with the Empress Sato Memorial Crescent, one of the highest commendations for service to the Empire. She adored the praise of her superiors and contemporaries alike, and decided that she wanted to be recognized for her work as much as possible. She was granted entry into an Advanced Command Training program and given the position of Chief Intelligence Officer aboard the ISS Yamato, one of the most powerful warships in the fleet. She was expecting a promotion to full Lieutenant, but she expects she will need to prove herself to her new Captain first.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
23492350Cadet Freshman GradeCadetTerran Star Navy Academy / School of Imperial Intelligence
23502351Cadet Sophomore GradeCadetTerran Star Navy Academy / School of Imperial Intelligence
23512352Cadet Junior GradeCadetTerran Star Navy Academy / School of Imperial Intelligence
23522353Cadet Senior GradeCadetTerran Star Navy Academy / School of Imperial Intelligence
23532356EnsignIntelligence AnalystISS Banshee
23562357EnsignAdvanced Infiltration TrainingEarth
23572357EnsignUndercover AgentBajor
23572361Lieutenant Junior GradeIntelligence Officer and Infiltration SpecialistISS Punisher
23612363Lieutenant Junior GradeUndercover AgentFarius Prime
23632364Lieutenant Junior GradeAdvanced Command TrainingEarth
2364Lieutenant Junior GradeChief Intelligence OfficerISS Yamato