Petty Officer 2nd Class Victor Ward

Victor is technically minded and very smart, but unambitious and impatient. He likes to make long term plans and doesn’t like when they change. He’s quite sociable but doesn’t know when to shut up. He took a senior role aboard USS Ajax as he was assured the work would remain practical and technical.


William and Marcia Ward were both born on the Federation colony of New Hague, not far from Cardassian and Talarian space. Thankfully spared in the conflicts with both of those powers, Marcia, a graduate student writing her Master’s thesis in organic chemistry, met and fell in love with William, a mechanic who worked at the civilian spaceport. They married in 2361 and had their first child, Victor, a year and a half later. They waited six years for their next one, a daughter named Elisabeth.

As a youth, Victor was fascinated with space and astronomy. His mother, who eventually got her PhD and tenure at the university, took him to meet with faculty and students in the Physics Department, where he immersed himself in the subject. He read anything he could get his hands on.

In the waning months of the Dominion War, New Hague was struck by the Breen. His family survived, though his father was badly injured saving his sister from a blast. Twelve-year-old Victor managed to take shelter at the university with his mother, where the students managed to get a telescope pointed at the battle area. He watched the Starfleet vessels arrive in-system and dispatch the Breen attackers.

He became interested in Starfleet and over the next few years did what he could to prepare himself for the Academy entrance exams. But at age 16, he took several preparatory tests and failed them all. He was devastated, his life plans effectively being ruined. Discussions with academic advisors helped him realize that he much preferred doing practical work over anything required of officers, or academics for that matter. With much help, he was able to redirect his efforts into joining the Enlisted stream. With his parents’ permission, he enlisted at age 17. He spent a year training at the Department of Scientific Affairs on Earth before joining the crew of the USS Jupiter, where he apprenticed and then served as a stellar cartographer.

In 2386, much of the science department of the Jupiter moved to the USS Tucker. Though keen to continue his work in stellar cartography, Victor’s commanding officer insisted there was some potential in him. He was promoted to Petty Officer 3rd Class and made Scientist’s Mate. He caught on to other departments easily enough and while astronomy was still his first love, he really became a jack-of-all-trades for most sciences.

In late 2389, he was asked to move again, given a promotion to 2nd Class and sent to USS Ajax to lead their small science unit. He accepted only because, based on the mission profile, there weren’t many people to lead and the work was well and truly practical.


Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Crewman Recruit
RecruitBasic Training, Starfleet Department of Scientific Affairs
Crewman Apprentice
ApprenticeshipUSS Jupiter
Stellar CartographerUSS Jupiter
Petty Officer 3rd Class
Scientist’s MateUSS Tucker
Petty Officer 2nd Class
Science Petty OfficerUSS Ajax