Commodore Thomas Belvedere

Assiduous and conservative, Belvedere always considers every option before making a decision and is a certified workaholic. While he is very dedicated to the Federation's ideals, he is not one to allow that to get in the way of his own personal advancement.


Belvedere was born in London, England on November 6, 2347. He was educated at Eton College from 2368-2365 where he was part of the prestigious Starfleet Academy Preparatory Program from 2361-2365, an environment that he thrived in. He joined Starfleet in the fall of 2365, taking coursework to prepare him to be a starship bridge officer.

After graduation, Belvedere was posted to the USS Lexington, a Nebula-class ship assigned to operations along the Cardassian border. As a flight control officer, he helmed the ship during a number of occasions but found that his opportunities for advancement there were relatively limited. He applied for promotion to Operations Manager but this was not accepted due to his relatively junior status. Eventually, he transferred to the Endeavour, another Nebula-class ship where he was able to move into the night shift Operations Manager position.

Following his tenure on the Endeavour, which he largely enjoyed, he was posted to a series of Excelsior-class ships, first the Cairo as Chief Operations Officer and then the Hood as Executive Officer, but he found that shipboard life was not really for him, especially since he wasn’t getting the prestigious assignments that he really craved. Starfleet came to agree, and rather than being put on the starship command track, he was assigned to command Starbase 414, a relatively minor station in the Alpha Quadrant. In this posting, he eventually rose to the rank of Captain and served there for 14 years. During his tenure at the starbase, he gradually began to develop a network of contacts and associates across the Starfleet hierarchy and proved to be extremely adept at securing resources and supplies that he needed; his personality was well-suited to surviving in a highly-bureaucratic system and he could charm people when he wanted to.

In 2395, Belvedere was promoted to Commodore and took command of the much more important Starbase 24, in the Orion Sector. He served here for just four years before being tapped as the Executive Officer for the newly-expanded Task Force 38 and he moved his flag to Starbase 38 in the Barzan system in 2399.



Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Cadet Senior Grade
Student OfficerStarfleet Academy
Flight Control OfficerUSS Lexington
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Operations OfficerUSS Endeavour
Chief Operations OfficerUSS Cairo
Lieutenant Commander
Executive OfficerUSS Hood
Commanding OfficerStarbase 414
Commanding OfficerStarbase 414
Commanding OfficerStarbase 24
Task Force 38 Executive OfficerStarbase 38