Lieutenant Ezrik Kaz


Born in the slums of Intaz City on Trill , Ezrik is the second born after his brother Teryn. He was brought up in a broken household. His mother left when he was only 4, and began a new life and a new family. This left Ezrik and his brother to most often fend for themselves as their father was involved in organized.

The two boys would beg for money on the streets. Teryn took to selling his body to help support himself and his brother. Meanwhile, Ezrik (now 8 years old) found himself caught up in one of his Father’s plots to get money. The plan was to steal a Symbiont from an old man and self it to the highest bidder. Ezrik was only meant to be a distraction for the heist. Things went terribly wrong when the Symbiont began to degrade almost immediately after it was extracted. The plan changed, and Ezrik became more integral. His father wanted him to join with the Symbiont temporarily so as to keep it alive but not long enough to fully join. Ezrik knew no better and went along with the plan. While leaving the now deceased old mans home, security forces surrounded the gang and a shootout ensued. Ezrik was able to slip away from the area and would not know for several hours that his Father and his cohorts were killed in the onslaught.

By the time his brother returned to the small apartment they were squatting in, Ezrik was very changed and very ill. So ill that he couldn’t even speak about what had happened or explain that he was currently carrying a stolen Symbiont inside of him.

Teryn took his younger brother to a nearby clinic, when the Doctors discovered that a joining had taken place and immediately transferred the boy to the Symbiosis Commission. Ezrik would spend the following weeks being poked at and prodded by the Commission’s doctors. All the while Ezrik had not spoken a single word.

His Brother came to him every day, and sat at his bedside telling him about what was happening in their neighborhood, especially now that his Father was gone along with his goons.

It saddened Ezrik to know that his brother was taking time away from making money, and finally spoke to apologize for putting them in the situation. Teryn assured Ezrik that there was nothing to worry about and expressed that he wanted both of them to go to school, to make themselves better people than their parents were.

Ezrik spent 4 months in the care of the Sybiosis Commission. The Symbiont, Kaz, has taken quickly to Ezrik due in part to his vitality and youth. The now nine year old Ezrik joined his brother and attended formal school for the first time. The pair lives in a public funded home and continued to strive for normal lives.

Ezrik would have the odd outburst brought about by one of Kaz’s previous hosts, but otherwise maintained a relatively low profile and good grades. The years passed without major consequence for the boys. Teryn decided to pursue an artistic path and attended the Intaz College of Art and Design.
Ezrik longed to serve and protect, to be the person he wished he had as a child. He toyed with a few ideas for his future but decided to apply to Starfleet Academy.

He continued his final year of schooling on Trill while awaiting response on his application. His interview process was rigorous. He sat all the required interviews, tests, and physicals but still required screening by the Symbiosis Commission to approve his leaving Trill. The privilege was granted and he was accepted to Starfleet Academy.

His years at the Academy were relatively smooth, although some unseen aggression was noted when in range or tactical exercises. Nevertheless, Ezrik graduated from the Security track with specializations in Tactics and Weapons Systems.

After a short wait, the newly minted Officer was posted to the USS Georgetown where he served as a Security Officer. He continued to learn under his Department head who fostered Ezrik’s thirst for knowledge and continued to challenge him with larger opportunities.

Ezrik eventually found himself stepping into the Assistant Chief of Security role, a great honour to him. An honour that was clouded by a tragedy on Trill. Teryn had passed away due to an accident drug overdose. Ezrik was placed on leave and returned home to grieve his brother, and his protector.

The loss proved too much for Ezrik to handle on his own, his mental health began to decay slowly and he admitted himself to the care of the Sybiosis Commission fearing for the safety of Kaz. He spent two months with Counsellors and doctors and was eventually cleared to return to duty.

He returned to the Georgetown and resumed his role. His department was happy to have him back. The warm welcome reminded him that Starfleet was as much a family as he and Teryn were. He took some solace in being surrounded by his new family. He serve for three happy years on the Georgetown while they surveyed the Silka Nebula. As the ship headed back to Starbase many crew members were given new orders, including Ezrik.

The Trill set off to the Neutral Zone border to take up the mantle as Chief of Station Security on Deep Space 3. This was no ordinary posting, which suited Ezrik just fine. He he encountered all types of alien beings some Federation Members some subjects of the Star Empire. It kept Ezrik busy for Almost 5 years, he may well have been one of the most overworked Department Heads on the whole station. Despite loving the Station and the crew he got to work with Ezrik,or perhaps one of Kaz’s previous hosts, found themselves longing to be out exploring the star. He waited and requested a transfer when a posting became available on the USS Newton.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment

Security OfficerUSS Georgetown

Lieutenant Junior Grade
Assistant Chief Security/Tactical OfficerUSS Georgetown

Lieutenant Junior Grade
Leave of AbsenceTrill

Lieutenant Junior Grade
Assistant Chief Security/Tactical OfficerUSS Georgetown

Chief of Station SecurityDeep Space Three

Chief Security/Tactical OfficerUSS Newton