Lieutenant Commander Jordyn Elbrun

Jordyn is a scientist with an agenda


On a small Federation colony in the Capryn system, situated near the Cardassian border, Jordyn Ryker Elbrun was born to Xandar and Colleta Elbrun. He was the youngest of three children and as such was always able to avoid doing chores like his older siblings. He was an active young kid, preferring to be outside rather than inside any day. His favorite thing was to lie in the middle of the fields and study the night sky.

When Jordyn was 17, the Dominion War broke out. Being so close to the Cardassian border, the small colony sat on the front lines with little to no protection. As the Dominion pushed it’s way towards the inner core of the Federation, they would pillage colonies on the way, taking whatever they could and destroying the rest. When they arrived at Capryn, the Jem’Hadar realized there was nothing of any use here and slaughtered hundreds of colonists as they pulled out. Jordyn’s mother and brother were among the dead.

Life tried to move on, but the marks of the massacre scarred the colony and nothing was ever the same. Jordyn decided that the small settlement no longer met his needs and left, headed for Earth and Starfleet Academy.

The Academy was a culture-shock to say the least. Jordyn wasn’t used to being around non-telepaths, and found the need to rely on vocal communication annoying and troublesome. But Jordyn soon found a mentor in Professor Charles Rallo who was a research astronomer. He challenged Jordyn and encouraged him to continue his education after his Bachelors degree and also to become a research scientist.

Jordyn took his advice and applied to the University of Stanford. The masters program confirmed to Jordyn that he made the correct career choice. He enjoyed his studies and the opportunities it was presenting to him. In the second semester of his first year, he met a Trill man by the name of Eryk Aronas. They dated most of their time at Stanford and after graduating with their Masters, Jordyn asked Eryn to marry him. Not long after, Stanford extended an offer to Jordyn to enter their PhD program. Because of the pending nuptials, Jordyn decided to take a break before he got his PhD, so he refused their offer to build his life with Eryk.

As the wedding date approached, Eryk got cold feet and broke off the engagement, leaving Jordyn confused and heartbroken. He returned to Stanford in an attempt to get back into the PhD program, but the board refused to re-extend the offer. With nothing left, Jordyn decided to return to Starfleet and take an assignment on a starship as he tried to figure out his future.

His first assignment was on the Nova-class USS Katar as a Stellar Cartographer. For the most part, the Ajax was uneventful. Tasked with scientific exploration, they stayed well within Federation borders logging spacial anomalies and conducting minor research studies. The mundane workload was perfect for Jordyn as he was still feeling the emotional effects and repercussions of his failed relationship. After a year on board, he was promoted to Lieutenant JG and given the position of Lead Stellar Cartographer. Another two years and Jordyn was offered the Assistant Chief of Science position aboard the Sovereign-class USS Wayne, which he accepted.

The Wayne was a big change for Jordyn. This was the perfect opportunity to try and move on, and Jordyn did his best to take that opportunity. He branched out to the rest of the staff, making both friends and professional relationships. Not long after coming aboard, he realized he was starting to feel happy again. The fast-paced excitement of deep space exploration kept him and the crew on their toes. After returning from the Delta Quadrant for a resupply, many of the staff were given orders to other postings. With resistant goodbyes, the crew went their separate ways and Jordyn was assigned to the USS Kent.

The Kent was an amazing opportunity for Jordyn. He was quickly promoted to Lieutenant and was set to assume the position of Chief Science Officer when the current one retired in a years time. But fate had other plans. While escorting a group of refugees back to Federation Space, the Clark was attacked by a Borg Cube. Their ship was heavily damaged but managed to escape the cube, albeit barely. Once they arrived at Starbase 210, the Kent was repaired and sent back out into the field with a new Chief Science Officer, Lieutenant Jordyn Elbrun.