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Profile Overview

Sandy Cotton

Human Female

Character Information




Sandra Cotton was a human non commissioned member of MACO during the mid-22nd century.


Sandra Cotton, known to all as Sandy, was born 2128 in Ilford, East London.  Much of her youth was spent in different places in Britain following her father’s career. Her father was a Royal Marines officer who had climbed from the ranks; his father before him had also served with the Royal Marines. Sandy was a below average student, preferring to participate in sports activities. Her teachers seemed to give her grades some wiggle room with respect to her superior athletic performance. Still, young Sandy did show promise in computers and music. Leaving school at 16, Sandy continued the family legacy and she joined the Royal Marines as a signaler/communications technician but much to her regret she never completed that organisation’s gruelling commando course, achieving the famed green beret.

At the completion of her initial military contract, Sandy was offered a job with Jeff Tracy Telecommunications installing ground-based relays for the then-new Euro Sat communications network which she declined. Instead, in 2150, she heard of an offer for qualified personnel to transfer to MACO. Intrigued, she explored it further. Her prior experience with ultra-high frequency, long range, monotronic relay systems being attractive to MACO.

After a lengthy re-training period, she was was assigned to 8 Forward Signals Unit, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei to provide communications/operations support to MACO training operations in the jungles of the Far East. By 2154 she had been made Corporal and was assigned to the USS Neptune, under Commander Ian Peters. In 2155, she was part of a sting operation in cooperation with the Earth Cargo Authority to combat smuggling. For her part, she was required to dye her hair brown, and it has yet to return to its natural colour.  In 2156, she took the Sergeant’s exam on a whim and passed by just seven points! Shortly thereafter, she was transferred to a new posting in accordance with regulations.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2150 - 2154 Commuincations Technician 8 Forward Signals Unit, Brunei
Private First Class
2154 - 2156 MACO USS Neptune
2156 - 2156 First Sergeant Endeavour NX-06