Commander Bree Buckley


Born in Boise, to proud parents Georgina and Harold Buckley. Her childhood was relatively unstable following her parents tumultuous divorce. She credited her older brother for keeping her happy and on a good path. Her summers were spent with her cousins, at the family house in East Hampton, New York. The visits brought stability to an otherwise chaotic lifestyle.

Bree had spent much of her adolescence working towards applying to Starfleet. This drive kept her focused and, as soon as she was able, she enrolled in the Academy. Her school years were mostly ordinary. Her grades were good, and she ranked in the top 10 of her class, despite the distress of losing her father early in her final year.

Following the Academy, Bree began her impressive career aboard the USS Atlas as a general Intelligence Officer. She learned a lot under the Department head and all while trying to keep tabs on her aging mother. After nearly a year and a half,and with her mother’s state of mind worsening following the death of her ex husband, for whom she still harboured feelings,Bree sought private professional help for Georgina. Georgina being a highly politician, her intent was to spare her (and Her children)the shame of admitting weakness. Unfortunately, Georgina passed away, leaving Bree and George orphans. And Bree on the verge of a promising career.

After a short leave of absence following her mother’s death Bree returned to Atlas with a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade and an offer to take the assistant Department head spot. She accepted and continued to learn quick thinking under her superior.

It wasn’t long before Bree was offered a Chief position aboard the USS T’Pau. She jumped at the opportunity and sped off towards the Romulan border. 

The next few years proved to be trying and informative for Bree, although she’d never say why. All that is know is that she was tapped for Covert Intelligence work by Starfleet Intelligence, and shortly after Bree was reassigned from the T’Pau to an unnamed Spirit Class yacht along with 9 other officers from various commands for a duration of two years. 

She returned to regular service a changed woman. After a short meeting with the Director of Personnel, Bree found herself pursuing the Command track and soon was posted to The USS August to learn under Commodore Greener.

Service Record

- Present
Intelligence Officer
USS Atlas
- Present
Leave of Absence
Lieutenant Junior Grade
- Present
Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Atlas
- Present
Chief Intelligence Officer
- Present
Unspecified Intelligence
Starfleet Intelligence
- Present
Executive Officer
USS August
Lieutenant Commander