Profile Overview

Leslie Cummins

Human Male

Character Information




Petty Officer 1st Class


Quite and reserved in nature, Leslie was rarely noticed for his personality traits. Leslie prefers to let his work do the talking for him. Keeping people at arms reach, it has been many years since he’s allowed himself to be vulnerable in front of others. This has worked to his advantage, allowing him to manipulate caring superiors who are concerned he “just needs a go” into opportunities to challenge himself and succeed.


Physical Characteristics:

Height: 5′ 11
Weight: 191lbs
Hair: Ash Brown
Eyes: Hazel

Rough skin and calloused hands match the dry pained expression forever painted on Leslie’s face. Whilst not difficult to read his emotions, even happy ones, time has not treated him well. Keeping an average weight for his height, his most noticeable features are his full and pronounced eye brows. Sitting below a narrow forehead and not distracted from by an unassuming and featureless nose. His Ash Brown hair like a full head of wire.


Leslie’s distrust for himself projects beyond himself, he has been described as either arrogant or reclusive. His previous postings have all been on larger ships where in his off time he had the provisions to fade into the background.


Leslie’s Service Record describes him as concerningly lacking in discernible ambition; which Leslie denies. Leslie desires more than anything else, that which he left behind. The security of family. Having know idea if they’re alive or what ever became of his home and carrying the self re-enforced shame of his actions, Leslie projects nothing more than a lack of desire to be noticed.


A keen poker player; he also enjoys reading and making up for an education he fears he lacks. Whilst not the fittest on the block, he uses working out and a means of controlling temper and re centering himself.

Personal History:

17 at the outbreak of the dominion war, Leslie sought escape on an evacuation transport under an assumed name. A miners son it was his limited education and limited life prospect, he staunchly adheres to, as the primary motivation for his deception. Working whatever job he could find until he could pay his way to Earth, Leslie picked up valuable skills, in maintenance and flight over his 63 month slow progression, hoping location to location in search of his Promised Land.

Unprepared for life, Leslie visited the School of Hard Knocks on more than one occasion. Often forced to work in market stalls for food and sheltering wherever he could be dry. By age 19, the ignorant boy he once was was replaced by a distrusting young man. Fear kept one hand on his shoulder at all times. It was in those times, making stupid mistakes, like trying to bet what little cash he had to accelerate his chances of making a transport to the ‘next closest planet’ that his fortune changed. A transport owner, after taking his winnings, took a chance on him. Offering him a stint as a crewman. Whilst not his direct path to Earth, Leslie had an opportunity to learn; he took it.

By the time he was 22, Leslie found himself sighting Earth for the first time, in orbit of Luna. Bidding fair well to that same Captain who’d picked him up some 3 years prior. No where to say and no place to go, Leslie enlisted in Star Fleet. Able to tout his 3 years as a civilian crewman and 2 years prior work experience, his age was overlooked and he was granted entry as a Crewman Recruit.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2378 - 2378 Crewman Recruit Star Fleet Basic Training
2379 - 2379 Crewman Apprentice Star Ship Basic Operations Training
2380 - 2381 Operations Crewman USS Boston
2382 - 2384 Boatswain's Mate USS Boston
2385 - 2385 Boatswain's Mate Starbase 104
2386 - 2387 Auxiliary Craft Pilot / Relief Patrol Craft Helmsman Starbase 104
2388 - 2388 Relief Helmsman / Auxillary Pilot USS Marklin
2389 - 2390 Flight Control Officer USS Ajax
2391 - 2394 Flight Control Officer USS Ajax
2395 - 2396 Flight Control Officer USS Ajax