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J'orrn T'ssarra

Caitian Male

Character Information




Lieutenant Commander


J'orrn K'rrshat T'ssarra



J’orrn’s parents were career Starfleet, communications and engineering. They fought in the first Federation-Cardassian War, his father serving on the USS Rutledge under Benjamin Maxwell. For J’orrn there was only one possible career path, Starfleet though he bucked the trend of his parents by opting into the Command Program. As a young Ensign, fresh from the Academy, J’orrn was present at Wolf 359 where he earned a small citation for bravery and leadership under fire. The young officer continued to distinguish himself in leadership roles on smaller ships, seeking out such postings deliberately in order to move more rapidly up the command ladder until he received his first command as a newly minted Lieutenant Commander in the lead-up to the Dominion War, the USS Wakizashi.


When J’orrn and his siblings were born his mother, N’orrava, accepted a posting to Starbase 1 where she took up a position with the Engineering crews there that were responsible for repair and refit work on various starships that came and went from Earth, the hub of Federation and Starfleet activity while his father, K’rrandrr remained active as a communications officer throughout the fleet on various postings. As he grew up, J’orrn was acutely aware of the way his mother complained about her superiors, quite often, in the home and wanted to be sure that he was eventually in a position to where he would be able to call most of his own shots.

To that end, when he entered Starfleet Academy, J’orrn made the conscious decision to follow the Command track and he dedicated himself seriously to his studies, achieving superior results across the board from classes to exams to summer cadet cruises. Following the end of his Academy training J’orrn served on the Gage for a short four months before the ship was destroyed at the Battle of Wolf 359. During the battle, particularly during the evacuation of the Gage, J’orrn was noticed and commended by superior officers on their reports.

Finding himself in moderately high demand thereafter, J’orrn opted to remain on smaller ships that would allow him to achieve his own command at a lower rank. While the newer ships and the bigger ships were the ones that were more high profile it was far more important to the young Caitian officer to continue to distinguish himself as command material and to achieve his own command as soon as possible.

In 2373 J’orrn was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and given command of the newest Saber-class starship to join the fleet, the USS Wakizashi.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2366 - 2366 Charlie Shift Strategic Operations Officer USS Gage
2366 - 2368 Charlie Shift Watch Officer USS Sufficient
2368 - 2370 Second Officer USS Centaur
2370 - 2373 Executive Officer USS Kiowa
2373 - Present Commanding Officer USS Wakizashi