Commander Gabbi Moretti

Gabbi was raised on Earth in Italy. She attended the academy specializing in Engineering, eventually being promoted to Executive Officer and now serves on the USS Akexandria.


Gabbi was born on Earth,in Italy on April fool’s day,out in the country where her father farmed. She was home schooled and spent her childhood helping her father and gained a fascination with taking things a part and putting them back together again.

She had no dreams growing up other than living on the farm with her parents. Shortly after her graduation, her father passed away from a freak farming accident. The farm was sold and Gabbi and her mother moved to the city.

It was there Gabbi learned of Starfleet. She dreamed of going to the Academy but did not want to leave her mother alone. It was with her mother’s encouragement that Gabbi finally left and headed to the Academy and signed up, majoring in Engineering.

She graduated in the higher

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Executive OfficerUSS Alexandria
Lieutenant Commander
Chief Engineering OfficerUSS Marquette
Assistant Chief EngineerUSS Manistee
Engineering OfficerUSS Whitehall