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Fiona Guinness

Human Female

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Lieutenant Junior Grade


Fiona Guinness



Fiona still considers herself a soldier. The fact they she the MACOS were forcibly disbanded and that she had to join an exploratory force weighs on her. While she is very dedicated to her profession, she can be sensitive to criticism. Guinness prefers to take action. That doesn’t mean she lacks discipline or is impulsive. It means she prefers to make things happen before things happen to her.

Guinness is a consummate professional. She constantly studies tactics, keeps up on the latest intelligence, and trains on new doctrines. Fiona can be short on patience. She can also take things personal.

Fiona wants another chance to fight the Romulans. She wants to fight them and win. The specter of defeat, however, still haunts her.


Fiona Guinness was born the third child to Maggie and Jack Guinness. Her family lived and worked as patent attorneys in San Francisco. The family did spend a lot of time hiking in the mountains, forests, or deserts. She especially enjoyed spending time in the Siberian tundra. Fiona often felt more at home in the wilderness than in her home city.

With two older brothers, Fiona had to learn to fend for herself. Her brothers would often play pranks on her. She learned to be wary of anything she left unattended. Her brothers often physical with her. This was often rough and a bit brutal but was meant in good fun, not in any malign way. Because of this, Fiona can be a bit blunt with people.

She did well as an athlete and especially enjoyed playing soccer. As far as academics, Guinness was a good but not spectacular student. She hated sitting in a classroom working on assignments. Fiona felt confined behind a desk, as if she was in prison cell. She would daydream about returning to the wilderness that beckoned her.

After she finished high school, Fiona’s family had worked with her to go to university and then law school. Fiona had other ideas and instead enlisted in MACO as a rifleman. Her family disapproved of her decision and in many respects, disowned her. The isolation from her family crushed Fiona’s spirits.

Despite her family’s isolation, Fiona found her place in the MACOs. She was first stationed on Mars colony. Despite being stationed close to Earth, she had no reason to return there, even on leave. Guinness’ leaders were concerned about her mental well being. Most military personnel wouldn’t miss time away from their duties. Yet, Fiona stayed at her post.

Her diligence paid off and Guinness earned a promotion to Corporal and an assignment to the UES Verdun. Fiona was serving aboard the UES Verdun when the Xindi attacked. Guinness and the Verdun served Earth well during the conflict. The MACOs and Fiona were involved in several firefights.

Guinness was still serving aboard the UES Verdun when the Romulan War started. The Verdun didn’t have the same charmed life she had in the Xindi conflict. in 2157, the Verdun was in a particularly tight spot as the rear guard of a retreating task force. The Verdun survived but was badly torn up. Many of the crew were KIA, including the MACO officers.

The MACO unit was reformed. Earth was coming up short on junior officers and so Guinness was awarded a field commission to 2nd Lieutenant. Fiona and her MACO unit were then assigned to the UES Oslo, as the UES Verdun was too badly damaged to repair.

The Oslo fought in several engagements. Each fight slowly gnawing away at the crew. Veteran crew that could not be replaced were lost. Green crew, fresh from the academy, took their places. Finally, the Oslo was destroyed is a ship to ship fight against the Romulans. Fiona helped several crew escape the doomed ship, she herself becoming a casualty in the ordeal.

After the humiliating defeat, the MACOs were disbanded. Guinness, not wanting to return to civilian life, joined Star Fleet.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2150 - 2152 Rifleman Fort Grant, Mars Colony
Lance Corporal
2152 - 2154 Rifle Team Leader UES Verdun
2154 - 2157 Rifle Squad Leader UES Verdun
2157 - 2160 Rifle Platoon Leader UES Oslo
Second Lieutenant
2160 - 2163 Armory Specialist UES Rzhev
2163 - Present Chief Armory Officer UES Aurora
Lieutenant Junior Grade