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Craig O'Donnaghue

Human Male

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Craig Alexander



Craig is the tallest and eldest of his parents children, standing at around six feet and weighing in at 190 pounds of pure muscle. His hair is longer than either of his brothers and his complexion is rather fair. His eyes are very much like that of the sea, you can easily get lost in them. He has quite the large build, from many years spent in the starfighter corps. His Uniform is a black flight suit with his rank insignia on both lapels and a matching helmet. His uniform is always neatly pressed and in order.

Off duty you will catch this irishman wearing black trousers and any asortment of old metal memrobillia t-shirts. He often wears military grade boots, hes a stickler for old fashioned things and it really shows in his fashion sense.


Craig was brought up in county wexford, Ireland. He was born the eldest of his parent’s children. His father was a doctor for Starfleet. His mother owned a small florist in town, Craig was much like his father in some respects. He is brash even at a young age. But as soon as his little brother EJ is born, that all changes he is protective and caring. During school, Craig always wanted to be a pilot. So he skipped college and went straight into Starfleet academy.

He enrolled in Helm, like his little brother would eventually. After four years he graduated and was placed on the NX-02 columbia as there cheif helm officer. He was there for atleast a further three years before he was reassigned to the NX-04 Discovery WHere he was selected by his CO for command training. He was sent back to earth to do his command training module. A further two years at the academy he was promoted from liutennant to liutennand commander and placed abaord the NV-26 merdian as He X/O. His father had stepped down as captain and retired by now and Craig was Well on his way to being a CO.

Just as the romulan war started a few months ago, craig was reassigned to the brand new NX class the Ares just as he was promoted to commander. Now flying headlong into the romulan war with his brandnew crew and state of the art NX Class.