Lieutenant Junior Grade Preston DeVeau

Preston currently serves on board the USS Augusta as Chief Communications Officer.


Preston was born and raised on Earth. He grew up in the same town as his childhood sweetheart, Monique DuBouqe. They became friends the first day of school and were barely ever separated. Both of their families assumed they would grow up, find jobs and get married, then start a family.

Though is was his father’s dream for Preston to go to college and run the family restaurant, Preston had other ideas. For as long as he could remember he wanted to join Starfleet. In high school, he excelled in languages and communications. It wasn’t just a job it was something he enjoyed doing.

Seeing his son was torn between his father’s wishes and his own, Pierre gave Preston his blessing. It was not an easy choice for Preston, he loved to cook but ultimately, a career in Starfleet was what he wanted to do. He studied hard, took courses that would assure him a spot in the Academy.

Due to his high grades, Preston was accepted into the Academy without any problems, as was his fiance, Shelby. They got an apartment together and their Academy years went well.

Upon graduation Preston was assigned to the USS Sarentago, as was his fiance and there began his dissent from a man wearing rose colored glasses who saw the good in everyone into the sullen, distant man of today.

A first he ignored the rumors that his fiance had her eyes on more pips, until one night he came home early to find her in the arms of a superior officer. A fight ensued and Preston was transferred of the ship.

Upon serving on the North Star, he has been a good officer, but there are remarks in his file that he can be hard to deal with at times, blunt and defensive. Though through all of this, Captain Song felt he was worthy of a promotion and an asset to the fleet.

Preston transferred to the Mersyth where he was offered the position of Chief Communications Officer. There were unsubstantiated rumors of a fight or two he was engaged in off duty but his service record on the job is impeccable.

He was offered the position of Chief Operations Officer on The USS Augusta where he is currently serving.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Chief Communications OfficerUSS Augusta
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Assistant Chief Communications OfficerUSS Mersyth
Communications OfficerUSS North Star
Communications OfficerUSS Sarentago